Anthony Albanese raises case of jailed Australian engineer Robert Pether with Iraqi PM

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The premier minister, Anthony Albanese, has raised the lawsuit of jailed technologist Robert Pether with the Iraqi leader, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, arsenic the Australian’s household warns helium has go “gravely ill” and is rapidly deteriorating successful his Baghdadi jailhouse cell.

Pether has present been imprisoned for much than 14 months pursuing a commercialized quality betwixt his engineering steadfast and Iraq’s cardinal bank, which had hired Pether’s institution to assistance physique its caller Baghdad headquarters. Pether’s household accidental helium is guiltless and the proceedings was unfair and compromised.

His household person go progressively hopeless and person implored the Australian authorities to bash much to unafraid his release.

Guardian Australia understands Albanese last week raised the Pether case during a treatment with Kadhimi, a determination that drew praise from Robert’s wife, Desree, who said it was a marked departure from the erstwhile government’s approach.

She said Robert had learned of the telephone and was immensely grateful. He was penning a missive to Albanese straight to explicit his thanks, Desree said.

“He is acrophobic to beryllium ‘hopeful’,” she told Guardian Australia. “But helium is immensely grateful to Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong for stepping up and taking enactment beauteous overmuch consecutive away.”

Pether’s wellness has worsened considerably successful caller months, Desree said.

She said helium had mislaid much than 40 kilograms and each musculus mass. A caller mole has appeared connected an receptor connected which helium antecedently had a melanoma, and his household accidental it has “changed dramatically successful the past mates of months”.

“Robert is gravely ill,” his woman said. “He is wholly grey. He is 47 and looks 74.

“He is besides inactive suffering from dizziness and debased humor pressure. He is declining rapidly.”

The bureau of Kadhimi, the Iraqi premier minister, confirmed his treatment with Albanese, saying the 2 leaders covered “bilateral relations betwixt the 2 countries … [and] stressed the value of strengthening associated cooperation”.

Guardian Australia has approached Albanese’s bureau for comment.

Labor MP Peter Khalil told Guardian Australia Pether’s “situation is dire”.

“His carnal and intelligence wellness is astatine sedate risk.”

“The Albanese Labor government’s attraction to Robert’s concern has been welcomed by Robert’s household arsenic a affirmative measurement forward. There is besides beardown bipartisan enactment for Robert’s harmless release.”

Khalil said helium wrote to the Iraqi ambassador successful April 2022 on with Liberal legislator James Paterson, urging the Iraqi authorities to enactment constructively with Australia for a “speedy resolution” to the case, fixed the interaction it was having connected Pether’s carnal and intelligence health.

Pether and his colleague, Egyptian nationalist Khalid Radwan, were arrested successful Baghdad successful April 2021 aft they returned to Iraq to resoluteness a concern quality betwixt the authorities and their employer, CME Consulting, which was moving connected the caller office for the Central Bank of Iraq.

In a proceedings a UN moving radical recovered was profoundly compromised, including owed to allegations of charges being changed mid-trial, some men were convicted of fraud and sentenced to 5 years successful prison. They were besides ordered to wage a US$12m good implicit allegations that his steadfast spent wealth that should person gone to an designer and a subcontractor.

The UN Working Group connected Arbitrary Detention, successful a study released successful March, judged the men’s detention to beryllium arbitrary, a breach of planetary law, and demanded their contiguous release.

The study said it had received allegations that “[Pether] was exposed to utmost cold, threats of death, humiliation and assorted forms of intelligence abuse.”

According to the complaint, “Pether was detained successful a [two-by-2-metre] compartment with the lights permanently on”.

“He was reportedly blindfolded, interrogated, screamed at, threatened, insulted and shown torture rooms.”

“In the archetypal 12 days of detention, Mr Pether mislaid 15kgs and became severely dehydrated. He was barred from immoderate interaction with the extracurricular satellite for the archetypal 19 days of his detention and was permitted to spell extracurricular for lone 2 hours,” the ailment said.

The study besides said Pether was reluctant to talk retired astir his experiences successful jailhouse due to the fact that of superior fears of reprisal.

The moving radical recovered reports of “abusive and coercive interrogations” to beryllium credible. It besides recovered credible allegations Pether had been forced to motion a connection successful Arabic, which helium could not read. Iraqi authorities besides apt obtained grounds from him improperly and aft ill-treatment and torture, the study says.

“The Working Group expresses its gravest interest astatine the allegations of torture and ill-treatment, which represent a prima facie breach of the implicit prohibition of torture, which is simply a peremptory norm of planetary law.”

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The study recovered the brace were fixed nary crushed for their apprehension astatine the clip of their detention. For the adjacent 3 days, nary 1 knew their whereabouts oregon situation.

Enforced disappearance of this benignant was a “particularly aggravated signifier of arbitrary detention”, the study said.

“Pether and Radwan were held successful a concern of de facto enforced disappearance,” the study said. “Such deprivation of liberty, entailing a refusal to disclose the destiny oregon whereabouts of the persons acrophobic oregon to admit their detention, lacks immoderate valid ineligible ground nether immoderate circumstance.”

The moving radical said the men’s proceedings was compromised. Its study said it viewed with interest allegations Pether’s grounds was mistranslated to bespeak guilt and said that adjacent during the trial, “Pether and Radwan did not person clarity astir their charges”, arsenic charges were dropped during the proceeding and replaced with others.

The study said “the violations of the close to a just proceedings and owed process [were] of specified gravity” arsenic to marque Pether and Radwan’s deprivation of liberty “arbitrary”, and truthful unlawful nether planetary law.

The UN received nary effect from the Iraqi authorities to the allegations, thing it said was regrettable.