Anthony Albanese urges Australians not to travel to Ukraine but to donate to support war effort

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The fig of Australians enquiring astir volunteering successful Ukraine to combat against Russian forces has fallen, arsenic the national authorities warns citizens against travelling to the war-torn country.

The premier minister, Anthony Albanese, connected Thursday urged Australians not to question to Ukraine – successful enactment with the national question proposal – aft the decease of Victorian antheral Sage O’Donnell who was warring successful the conflict. Albanese said radical often did not notify the authorities earlier travelling to Ukraine, meaning the fig of Australians warring determination is unknown.

“Some of these tragedies are occurring wherever not adjacent their families are alert of the information that they’re participating successful this warring that’s occurring successful Ukraine,” helium said.

“The mode that Australians tin springiness enactment is to springiness wealth too, springiness enactment to charities and others who are acting successful Ukraine not to spell and enactment successful warring there. It is dangerous,” helium said.

A spokesperson for Ukraine’s embassy successful Australia said determination had been a alteration successful the fig of enquiries astir participating successful the struggle since Russia’s penetration of the state successful February.

“We had a important magnitude of enquiries erstwhile the warfare started, astir 100 per period astir but it was successful the opening of the war. It’s present overmuch smaller but we inactive person those requests,” the spokesperson said.

“If they privation to combat – the determination to articulation the overseas legion is solely up to the Australian national … we are grateful for specified sacrifice but we recognize quality beingness is the astir precious happening and each decease is simply a tragedy.”

Under Australian law, citizens and residents are prohibited from engaging successful hostile activities overseas connected behalf of equipped forces that are not portion of the overseas government.

The spokesperson said the embassy provided wide accusation specified arsenic the concern connected the crushed successful Ukraine and question options.

“We besides accidental it’s not conscionable astir fighting, they tin besides nonstop aesculapian supplies to help,” the spokesperson said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed O’Donnell’s decease connected Wednesday. He antecedently served successful the Australian Army.

A station connected the memorial leafage for the International Legion of Defence Of Ukraine said O’Donnell had been serving arsenic a unpaid and offered “honour, glory, and gratitude to our brother”.

His parent paid tribute to her son successful a statement, saying helium had died “defending the state of the Ukrainian people” and had fallen successful emotion with the country.

O’Donnell is the 4th Australian to dice successful the conflict. Last month, Queensland antheral Trevor Kjeldal died warring Russian forces successful Ukraine, portion different Queenslander, Jed William Danahay, was killed successful eastbound Ukraine successful August portion moving arsenic a combat medic. A Tasmanian, Michael O’Neill, died providing humanitarian assistance successful Ukraine successful May.

Ukraine remains connected the Australian government’s do not question list.

In October, the national authorities announced Australia would deploy up to 70 soldiers to the UK to bid Ukrainian troops.