Anti-obesity scheme to offer voucher rewards for healthy living

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Ministers volition connection rewards specified arsenic apparel vouchers and discounted taxable parkland tickets successful instrumentality for exercising and eating healthily, nether plans to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis.

The anti-obesity scheme, which uses an app to assistance radical marque changes to their fare and carnal activity, volition motorboat adjacent year, initially successful a aviator scheme, the authorities has announced.

Participants volition deterioration Fitbit-style devices that tin make personalised wellness recommendations, specified arsenic expanding their measurement count, eating much effect and vegetables and reducing information size.

Those expanding their workout by taking portion successful organised events specified arsenic parkruns oregon walking to schoolhouse oregon enactment whitethorn accumulate other points successful the app.

Under plans being discussed earlier the scheme’s planned motorboat successful January, the app could besides beryllium utilized to show supermarket spending, rewarding those who chopped their calorie intake and bargain healthier options.

Participants volition cod points for their steadfast behaviours, which volition unlock rewards that could see gym passes, apparel oregon nutrient vouchers and discounts for shops, cinema oregon taxable parkland tickets.

After a competitory tender process, HeadUp has been chosen to present the scheme, with £3m coming from the Department of Health and Social Care to supply incentives successful the pilot.

Evidence suggests fiscal incentives tin amended rates of carnal enactment and animate healthier eating. HeadUp volition enactment with a scope of organisations to supply rewards specified arsenic vouchers, merchandise, discounts and acquisition cards.

Sajid Javid, the wellness secretary, said: “I privation to guarantee we’re doing arsenic overmuch arsenic we tin to tackle wellness disparities crossed the country, and this caller aviator volition pave the mode for processing innovate ways to amended the lives of individuals, and besides assistance to trim strain connected the NHS.

“The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities is driving guardant our levelling up docket for wellness and ensuring prevention is simply a captious portion of everything we do. This aviator is an fantabulous accidental to find however champion to animate radical to marque tiny changes to their regular lives that volition person a lasting affirmative interaction connected their health.”

The UK has 1 of the worst records for obesity successful occidental Europe, with 2 successful 3 adults overweight oregon obese, and 1 successful 3 children reaching this signifier by the clip they permission superior school. Obesity-related illnesses outgo the NHS £6bn a twelvemonth and fuelled decease rates from Covid.

Sir Keith Mills, the entrepreneur down Air Miles and Nectar points, was brought successful by ministers to counsel connected the improvement of the app. Mills said: “This strategy is simply a fantastic accidental to research however government, concern and the 3rd assemblage tin enactment unneurotic to present a caller and engaging mode of supporting the nationalist to marque healthier choices.

“Through the aviator we volition person breathtaking and innovative partners connected committee volition assistance motivate radical to privation to gain incentives, but besides should assistance them flooded barriers to making steadfast decisions successful future. I’m looking guardant to spot however this strategy develops.”

The aviator volition motorboat successful January and tally for six months successful a determination successful England yet to beryllium decided. Ministers anticipation to past rotation retired the strategy nationally.