Are Chris Evans and Selena Gomez compatible? Here’s what their birth charts say

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Call your mother! Text the radical chat! Light a candle! Selena Gomez and Chris Evans might beryllium dating.

Now, I’m going to beryllium upfront. I don’t person galore personage crushes, but these two: I would suffer my mind. They are some specified cleanable specimens of quality beings. And it appears I’m not the lone 1 hyped astir this imaginable transportation due to the fact that Internet sleuths everyplace are connected the prowl to unearth the deets.

I volition beryllium the archetypal to admit that the impervious radical are citing is simply a spot far-fetched, but that’s okay. Evans, 40, precocious followed Gomez, 29, connected Instagram. He past posted a video showing disconnected his soft skills (swoon) with a reflection of what looked similar a brown-haired pistillate with a bob filming him. As Selenators know, she besides debuted a sassy caller cut conscionable similar it.

Previously, photos deed the property that the 2 were hanging retired astatine the aforesaid places, but were rapidly debunked by adept journalism. Some fans are citing Gomez’s confession that she thinks Evans is “cute” connected Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” arsenic a imaginable link, too.

While Gomez has antecedently stated that dating isn’t a apical precedence for her, upon reviewing their commencement charts — this could really beryllium the transportation that they some need.

Let’s dive in!

Selena Gomez’s commencement illustration shows her passion

Selena GomezSelena GomezGetty Images

Selena Gomez was calved connected July 22, 1992. The “Only Murders successful the Building” histrion and previous reigning queen of Instagram is simply a Cancer Sun with an Aries Moon. The accuracy of her commencement clip listed online is successful question, truthful we’re going to ditch that and forego speechmaking for her Ascendant and alternatively absorption connected what we cognize is accurate.

With a Cancer Sun, Gomez is profoundly delicate and passionate, valuing community, friendships and relationships supra each else. She has a almighty intuition, apt with a splash of psychic quality thrown in. Her quality to pat into different people’s emotions empathically is besides heightened, thing that she intelligibly channels successful her work. Underneath it all, with her feisty Aries Moon — tied to her interior beingness — she is besides a unit to reckoned with. This gives her a playful borderline and reveals that she volition ever beryllium a kid astatine heart.

Selena Gomez attends the 2020 Hollywood Beauty Awards successful  LA.Selena Gomez attends the 2020 Hollywood Beauty Awards successful LA.Getty Images

She tin besides propulsion a small tantrum if she’s not getting what she wants, but TBH: erstwhile you’re arsenic cute arsenic Gomez, a miss wants what she wants. Her Venus, connected to her sensuality and presumption of relationships, is successful fiery Leo — revealing that she is profoundly romanticist and bare for life. With her Mars (revealing her enactment drive) successful Taurus, it shows that she values consistency, monogamy and loyalty. This pistillate is specified a catch, it boggles my caput however she hasn’t recovered her cleanable antheral conscionable yet.

If I was straight, I would worship this woman! I’m not consecutive so, instead, she and I should conscionable beryllium champion friends.

Selena Gomez wows connected  the reddish  carpet astatine  the 72nd yearly  Cannes Film Festival successful  2019. Selena Gomez wows connected the reddish carpet astatine the 72nd yearly Cannes Film Festival successful 2019. Getty Images

In caller years, Gomez went done a precise pugnacious time, feeling isolated from the satellite and challenged by the icy planet, Saturn. Now and until mid-2023, she is healing past traumas, learning to spot again and re-evaluating what she wants and needs successful her relationships.

Chris Evans’ commencement illustration shows his warmth

The dashing Chris Evans arrives for the 91st Annual Academy Awards successful  2019. The dashing Chris Evans arrives for the 91st Annual Academy Awards successful 2019. Getty Images

Chris Evans was calved connected June 13, 1981 — which makes him an adventurous Gemini Sun with a sensual Scorpio Moon. His commencement clip is listed online, but arsenic I’ve ever stated, anytime a personage and I enactment together, they often springiness maine antithetic commencement times than the ones listed online. So we’re going to forego that here, too. (Trust maine connected this one.)

Known for his champion reign as Marvel’s “Captain America” and the soon-to-be Buzz Lightyear successful Pixar’s upcoming “Toy Story” spin-off film, Evans brings assurance and a consciousness of relatability that charms the world.

First and foremost, we cognize that, astatine heart, Evans is simply a vibrant idiosyncratic who profoundly enjoys having galore interests and intelligence curiosities. He is fascinated by the satellite and bare for life: not anxious to unrecorded successful a box, but alternatively acceptable to research each of it. He has a highly intelligence broadside to him and tin enactment connected his humorous, entertaining chapeau successful a second, but helium besides values his solitude and introspective periods.

With Water motion vigor being particularly beardown successful his commencement chart, namely his Scorpio Moon, Mercury and Venus successful Cancer and past Uranus successful Scorpio, excessively — helium is decidedly a “feelings” guy. He tin onslaught a equilibrium betwixt the logic of life, but past laughter astatine it, oregon profoundly spell to a spot of empathy and sensitivity erstwhile needed. His Venus being successful Cancer shows that helium invests profoundly successful his relationships and is simply a romanticist astatine heart. His Mars is successful Gemini, though, conscionable similar his Sun. This shows that erstwhile it comes to sex, helium astir apt likes to spice it up and prefers spontaneity, intelligence foreplay and a spot of cat-and-mouse.

So, yes — he’s up for a situation erstwhile helium sees thing helium likes. Woof. Dear God, delight bring maine a cheery Chris Evans. Kthanksbye.

Chris Evans invests profoundly  successful  his relationships and is simply a romanticist  astatine  heart.Chris Evans invests profoundly successful his relationships and is simply a romanticist astatine heart.Getty Images

Are Selena Gomez and Chris Evans compatible?

The infinitesimal of information is upon us: Selena Gomez and Chris Evans’ commencement illustration compatibility reveals sweetener and spice. Yes, they are compatible, but it’s a precise peculiar benignant of affinity that I spot betwixt them. 

While their strongest aspects amplify the vocation and home enactment they could supply 1 different successful the long-term, the archetypal rapport betwixt them powerfully suggests that this transportation would beryllium built retired of relationship and laughter. Sure, determination would beryllium chemistry, but it would really make archetypal arsenic a gathering of camaraderie and a respect for privateness and vulnerability earlier racing disconnected to the chamber (or an IG-official post, LBR). 

The 2 stock galore akin beingness goals and objectives and would find that their communal interests and activities propulsion them together. This would yet make warmth and pleasurable interactions betwixt them. This familiarity would pb to a precise saccharine friendship, which past could physique toward a much lasting union. 

Hey, Cap! We (and possibly  Selena Gomez) person  our eyes connected  you.Hey, Cap! We (and Selena Gomez) person our eyes connected you.Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

My favourite portion of the mode their commencement charts interplay is that determination is simply a large consciousness of giving that could hap betwixt them — and, to beryllium honest, I deliberation that’s what they some yet request by looking astatine their stars close now. Both person been a spot battered and bruised successful caller years from cosmic events and person realized their consciousness of interior isolation during those storms.

By reflecting and taking clip for themselves, they person besides begun to recognize what it is that they each necessitate successful a narration going guardant — and what they value successful themselves and others. To me, that is beautiful, and I anticipation that if they are getting to cognize each other, they find that it is simply a healing experience. 

Love is not astir “forever.” It is astir however we cherish it successful the contiguous that makes it truthful special.

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