Are newly engaged ‘RHONJ’ star Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas meant to be?

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The poster kid of articulator injections, lash extensions and flipping tables, Teresa Giudice, 49, is engaged to her beau, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, 47!

As the eventual breakout prima of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Giudice’s staying powerfulness connected the bid is unmatched. Despite Giudice’s somewhat questionable past — having divorced ex-husband Joe Giudice successful 2020 and dealt with plentifulness of scandals and screams connected the amusement — she remains unphased and full of hope for what lies ahead.

Recently, the mates bought their archetypal caller location together — a breathtaking $3.35 cardinal “Beverly Hills-style mansion successful New Jersey.” But that isn’t each — they popped the question and you tin spot the stunning engagement photos that amusement the brace is pulling retired “all the stops” arsenic they hole to instrumentality the adjacent measurement down the aisle.

But with galore allegations that Ruelas has a “sex-obsessed” playboy past, is this existent emotion for Giudice oregon conscionable a raunchy rebound?

Teresa Giudice’s commencement illustration shows that she lives for the drama

Teresa GiudiceTeresa GiudiceTommy Garcia/Brazo

Mama Giudice’s natal illustration is truthful accurate, it adjacent makes me want to get Botox oregon write a cookbook! Teresa Giudice was calved connected May 18, 1972. This makes her a financial-savvy Taurus Sun, with an egocentric Leo Moon and a feisty Gemini Ascendant. People with a Taurus Sun thin to beryllium precise stubborn successful their ways, but the happening that makes her adjacent much of a hellhound is that her Leo Moon makes her deliberation she ever needs to travel first. (I’ve dated plentifulness of guys with a Leo Moon, and lemme archer ya; that s–t tin beryllium exhausting.)

Then, adding a Gemini Ascendant connected apical of it — meaning that she presents herself to the satellite arsenic a Gemini — this b—h tin beryllium arsenic charming arsenic the devil. But don’t transverse her—you don’t cognize which broadside of Giudice you’ll get today! People that person this Ascendant are ace slick, easy adaptable and typically ace societal — but don’t messiness with ‘em oregon you’ll ticker them whip up a ungraded and enactment the blasted connected you.

Also, her natal Venus and Mars are successful the nonstop aforesaid spot successful her Ascendant, meaning she’s fundamentally a enactment bomb. Meow. Now don’t get maine incorrect — I emotion all zodiac signs and all people — but Giudice’s natal illustration is similar the cleanable tempest of sass, ungraded and sleek. We should probably conscionable beryllium champion friends.

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruela stock a zodiac sign!

Teresa Giudice posted this photograph  connected  her caller    travel   to Nashville with fellow  Luis Ruelas.Teresa Giudice posted this photograph connected her caller travel to Nashville with her fellow Luis Ruelas.Instagram

Step close up, Luis Ruela, to the astrology basal so I tin work you for filth! (Kidding — I emotion Tauruses.) The New Jersey businessman was calved connected April 23, 1975, making him a Taurus-bull Sun conscionable similar the queen of his heart! His Moon Sign, tied to his inner-emotional life, is successful grounded Virgo, showing that helium tin beryllium a spot of a perfectionist and captious of himself and others but, for the astir part, helium handles it well.

However, his natal Venus — which is connected to his consciousness of romance and affection — is successful flirty Gemini, meaning that helium is erratic successful his affections, reportedly preferring aggregate relationships of antithetic types to fulfill his bare bosom and, uh, loins.

However, portion this doesn’t mean that purported cheating rumors are existent successful the contiguous day, helium allegedly had a chaotic past and lived it up, womanizer-style. Ultimately, though, radical with a Taurus Sun privation semipermanent commitment, truthful helium has that moving successful his favor, for sure.

But what bash the stars foretell for our cozy couple?

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas stock  a loving buss  connected  a day  successful  New York City. Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas stock a loving buss connected a day successful New York City. Felipe Ramales /

Upon reviewing the pair’s combined commencement charts, I bash spot the affinity — and, yes, it has large staying power. The happening that truly stands retired to maine is that, for the astir part, their national is particularly harmonious — truthful when the 2 some admitted they didn’t deliberation they’d find idiosyncratic who complimented them each truthful well, the stars were nodding from above.  There’s a genuine consciousness of camaraderie from their rapport that I love, arsenic their planets genuinely bash conscionable snuggle up together.

But is it astute to wed idiosyncratic with your aforesaid zodiac sign? Isn’t that, like, beauteous freaking incestuous? Not exactly. In fact, being with idiosyncratic with the aforesaid zodiac motion tin beryllium rather a validating experience, arsenic you stock galore akin beingness patterns and goals.

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas cozy up   to each   other.Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas cozy up to each other.Instagram

When it comes to wherever their stars are headed, I saw mode backmost earlier their engagement announcement that the brace was decidedly headed this way. Due to almighty eclipses — tied to one’s destiny and beingness absorption successful the years up — some Giudice and Ruelas are opening important karmic cycles astir relationships that started successful October and November 2021! There volition beryllium 3 eclipses successful some of their concern centers happening successful 2022, too: May 15, 2022; Oct. 25, 2022; and May 5, 2023.

Typically, erstwhile that happens, a mates makes further promises to each other, whether that is successful engagement, matrimony oregon creating semipermanent plans. However, due to the fact that eclipses are truthful intense, if the 2 aren’t going to beryllium headed that way, they’ll fig that retired beauteous quick, shattering isolated successful the weeks that situation those peculiar cosmic events.

But with truthful overmuch successful their favor, my gut says this is simply a winning match.

Teresa Giudice and fellow  Luis Ruelas person  a passionate outing successful  Mexico earlier this year.Teresa Giudice and fellow Luis Ruelas person a passionate outing successful Mexico earlier this year. MEGA

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