Ariana Grande & Cynthia Erivo To Star In New ‘Wicked’ Movie: Watch Their Tearful Reactions

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November 4, 2021 10:05PM EDT

Ariana Grande is coming to the large screen! The popular prima was conscionable announced to play iconic bully witch Glinda successful a movie adaptation of ‘Wicked’!

Ariana Grande, 28, was affectional aft uncovering retired she’s going to beryllium starring successful a new Wicked film adaptation! The Grammy winner is acceptable to play Glinda the Good Witch successful the movie mentation of the iconic broadway musical, which is being produced by Universal Studios. Ariana had enactment her hands implicit her look arsenic she sat successful beforehand of an Apple MacBook, presumably connected a video telephone with manager Jon Chu who delivered the news. “thank goodness,” she captioned the representation posted connected Thursday, Nov. 4, adding a bosom with arrow emoji and tags for Jon, co-star Cynthia Erivo — acceptable to play Elphaba (later Wicked Witch of the West) — and the movie itself.

In the photograph dump, Ari besides shared a pic of a gorgeous pinkish angiosperm bouquet from her caller co-star Cynthia. “Pink Goes Good With Green,” a punctuation read, pursuing a connection from The Outsider actress. Pink refers to the quality Glinda, portion greenish is the signature shadiness of Elphaba. “Congratulations Miss A, the portion was made for you — I look guardant to sharing this philharmonic travel with you. Love, Cynthia,” the inserted paper said. The Sam & Cat alum also shared screenshots of a 3 mode telephone betwixt herself, Cynthia and Jon, followed by conscionable a telephone betwixt the ladies who were some beaming. 

Cynthia besides took to societal media, intelligibly affectional implicit the monolithic vocation milestone. Holding her hands implicit her mouth, the English histrion was successful tears arsenic she recovered retired she got the role. “Pink goes bully with Green,” she wrote with 3 greenish hearts. Ariana besides sent her a stunning pink-and-green angiosperm statement from legendary London florist McQueens Flowers. “Dear Cynthia,” the Florida autochthonal began successful her card. “Honored doesn’t adjacent statesman to screen it. I cannot hold to hug you. See you successful Oz. All my love, Ari,” she signed disconnected successful the handwritten card. Notably, Cynthia has had a decorated vocation with respective awards — already having won a Tony, daytime Emmy and GRAMMY.

Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo are acceptable to co-star successful a movie mentation of ‘Wicked.’ (Shutterstock)

Wicked is a prequel to the iconic Wizard Of Oz, which follows the communicative anterior to Dorothy’s arrival. Broadway legends Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth respectively played Elphaba and Glinda successful the highly palmy archetypal run, which began backmost successful 2003. A movie mentation has been successful talks for immoderate time, with Crazy Rich Asians director Jon Chu coming connected committee successful February.