Army brought in to help people left without power by Storm Arwen

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The service has been deployed to assistance residents who person been without powerfulness for a week since Storm Arwen caused “catastrophic damage” to the energy network.

Durham region assembly said astir 100 forces unit would beryllium based successful Weardale to assistance section people.

Northern Powergrid, the energy organisation web relation for the north-east of England, Yorkshire and bluish Lincolnshire, said 6,000 customers remained disconnected proviso astatine 11pm connected Thursday, though powerfulness had been restored to 234,000 others since Storm Arwen swept crossed the state connected Friday 26 November.

Around 130 troops person been sent to transportation retired door-to-door checks and connection payment enactment successful the north-east of Scotland, wherever 1,600 Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) customers remained disconnected proviso astatine 7am connected Friday.

Jim Savege, the main enforcement of Aberdeenshire council, said SSEN told him it hoped to get the fig of customers disconnected powerfulness down to 1,000 connected Friday, though immoderate whitethorn not beryllium reconnected until the weekend.

He told BBC Breakfast: “It’s been a truly pugnacious week for families and communities crossed each of Aberdeenshire. There has been an astonishing effort of enactment from communities and exigency services present to marque definite radical are harmless arsenic we look to get the powerfulness backmost connected arsenic soon arsenic we can.”

Marines behaviour   payment   checks successful  Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire.
Marines behaviour payment checks successful Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire. Photograph: Peter Summers/Getty Images

He added: “SSEN person got galore hundreds of their unit retired connected the crushed and person been going done each of the lines they’ve got and fixing and repairing arsenic they go, and successful the meantime galore different services are making definite the communities are safe, they’ve got what they request successful presumption of immoderate nutrient and heating and enactment and accommodation we tin provide.

“I deliberation the truly unfortunate happening is we deliberation there’s inactive going to beryllium radical who are going to beryllium disconnected into the weekend, truthful we proceed to ramp up and bash immoderate much we tin bash to enactment radical successful what has been a precise extended play of clip with that nationalist infrastructure having gone down.”

Aberdeenshire assembly said that successful its country the service would beryllium based retired of constabulary stations successful Ellon, Turiff, Inverurie and Banchory, with 3 teams of 10 astatine each.

SSEN said powerfulness had been restored to much than 129,000 customers since Storm Arwen archetypal struck, causing what its managing director, Chris Burchell, described arsenic “catastrophic harm to the energy network”.

The institution said properties inactive without powerfulness were chiefly located successful agrarian and isolated communities, with Aberdeenshire the main country inactive affected.

The UK defence secretary, Ben Wallace, said: “We are ever acceptable to supply other enactment to civilian authorities crossed the UK successful their clip of request and it’s large to spot units based successful Scotland supporting their section communities.

“Our dedicated equipped forces volition behaviour door-to-door checks connected radical successful their homes, providing indispensable enactment to those impacted by Storm Arwen.”

In England, Durham region assembly said the subject assistance followed a petition from County Durham and Darlington Local Resilience Forum (LRF) for further resources.

John Hewitt, the seat of the LRF’s strategical co-ordinating group, said: “We are doing everything we tin to enactment residents who are affected by the disruption to powerfulness supplies, from providing exigency supplies to simply checking successful to marque definite everything is OK.”

He added: “We are precise grateful to the Ministry of Defence that they person approved our petition for enactment and that we already person troops connected the crushed helping our communities.”

The assembly said forces unit based successful St John’s chapel successful Weardale would transportation retired door-to-door visits to cheque connected residents’ wellbeing and guarantee assistance and enactment was provided wherever needed.

They volition besides supply updates connected enactment to reconstruct the powerfulness proviso and stitchery feedback connected immoderate issues of concern.