Army Doctor Says He’s Being ‘Persecuted’ for Giving Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine

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A U.S. military doc is alleging the Army has taken a bid of retaliatory actions against him successful effect to the doc granting aesculapian waivers to the COVID-19 vaccine for immoderate work members.

Maj. Samuel Sigoloff,  former manager of the Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center astatine Fort Huachuca, Arizona, has been ordered to halt seeing patients, assigned to bash menial duties, fixed a alleviation for origin serviceman valuation report, and risks having his licence to signifier medicine revoked.

Sigoloff’s lawyer describes the Army’s actions arsenic “retribution” for the doc practicing medicine successful a mode inconsistent with the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine policies.

Medical Exemptions

Not agelong aft Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s August 2021 COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Sigoloff began seeing a fig of patients who had request for “legitimate aesculapian exemptions” from the vaccine, the Army doc told The Epoch Times.

But wrong weeks of the vaccine mandate, Sigoloff was suspended by the session commander, a registered nurse, astatine the Raymond Bliss Health Center for providing these aesculapian exemptions, helium said. All the aesculapian exemptions helium provided for work members were invalidated by this registered nurse, helium added.

According to Sigoloff, each of these patients received due aesculapian evaluations and by his estimation, it would person been much risky oregon harmful to administer the changeable to these work members than it would for them to beryllium unvaccinated.

“This goes extracurricular a nurse’s authority, practicing medicine without a license,” Sigoloff said.

He went connected to enactment that she is not a doc but much similar “the CEO” of the hospital. “Individual aesculapian decisions are made by the diligent and licensed aesculapian supplier that are successful the country together, not by a registered nurse,” helium said. Attorney Sean Timmons, who is representing Sigoloff agreed, pointing retired that “he’s the 1 with the nonrecreational licence connected the line,” helium said.

In a memo dated Sept. 16, 2021, and viewed by The Epoch Times, the clinic’s commandant stated that until further notice, the sole authorization to o.k. impermanent aesculapian exemptions resided with the commander.

“This memo is simply a declaration that she is practicing medicine without a license,” Sigoloff said.

The commandant besides banned Sigoloff from prescribing Ivermectin. A peer-reviewed study precocious recovered that regular usage of Ivermectin reduced the hazard of dying from COVID-19 by 92 percent. Sigoloff said that receiving punishment for prescribing a controversial, yet effectual treatment, was besides “outside of her authority.”

Timmons said, “As a nurse, she is not allowed to signifier medicine but present she is fundamentally giving orders to physicians similar Major Sigoloff to signifier medicine successful a definite way.”

“That’s similar my paralegal telling maine however to signifier law,” the lawyer added. While helium welcomes a paralegal’s assistance connected definite matters of the law, “at the extremity of the day, I’m the 1 signing the pleadings and the 1 filing worldly successful courts,” Timmons said.


For pointing these issues retired to the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division successful November 2021, Sigoloff said helium subsequently received antagonistic counseling and had to constitute an effort astir Article 94 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

“This pertains to mutiny and sedition, and comes with a max punishment of death,” helium said. “All this for reporting a crime.”

According to Timmons, “this was thing much than a connection to Sigoloff to chopped it retired oregon get destroyed.”

Sigoloff has not seen a diligent successful implicit a twelvemonth and has been subjected to performing lone menial tasks astatine the clinic. “I moved present successful July 2021 to beryllium the aesculapian director,” helium said. “And present I’m being attacked from each sides, persecuted for doing the occupation I was selected implicit peers, to do.”

According to Timmons, “the subject has decided to commencement engaging successful impermissible, unlawful, and despicable reprisal towards Sigoloff, questioning his suitability arsenic a physician.” The lawyer alleged that a “sham adjacent review” by 2 different physicians looking into Sigoloff’s past practices and erstwhile assignments is presently underway.

“What they’re doing to him is retribution for practicing medicine is simply a mode contrary to their plan,” Timmons said. “The Army is utilizing each mechanics disposable to harass him.”

Sigoloff said helium is besides presently being investigated for allegedly threatening the caput of defence aft helium retweeted an representation of Austin down a syringe with concentric circles, labeling him arsenic an “Oath Breaker” with a notation to Oath Keepers. While helium denies the allegation that the circles are indicative of a people oregon immoderate relation with the Oath Keepers group, Sigoloff began to beryllium escorted from the session successful September, and present indispensable study to the garrison bid building. The large is not allowed into the session unless escorted, adjacent if helium requires idiosyncratic wellness care.

Sigoloff is acceptable to person a Quality Assurance entreaty astatine Fort Bliss, Texas, concerning his aesculapian credentials successful aboriginal October. He has ne'er been stationed astatine Fort Bliss and helium cannot find immoderate regularisation that would necessitate oregon let the alteration of venue, helium said. The commandant astatine the caller venue wants to wholly revoke his quality to signifier medicine successful the Army, whereas his existent work presumption lone wanted to trim his signifier privileges. Revocation of his privilege to signifier would beryllium reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank, which would make a study to the Texas Medical Board and perchance impact his quality to signifier medicine arsenic a backstage citizen. 

Eight Congressmembers successful August sent a missive to Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth to petition an expedited reappraisal and support of Sigoloff’s petition for honorable separation from the Army. The missive states that Sigoloff has been “the people of retaliation and perchance amerciable acts taken by his concatenation of command.”

In effect to an enquiry from The Epoch Times, a nationalist affairs serviceman astatine the Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center said, “At this clip we are incapable to remark connected Maj. Sigoloff’s allegations owed to an ongoing investigation.”

Sigoloff emphasized that his views bash not bespeak those of the Department of Defense oregon the Department of the Army.

The Department of Defense and Department of the Army did not instrumentality inquiries from The Epoch Times.

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