As Jeff Bezos buys up Maui, Hawaiian locals hope for the best

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Jeff Bezos conscionable shelled retired $78 cardinal for a monolithic Hawaiian property spanning implicit 14 acres, The Post tin confirm.

But the Amazon laminitis has lone deed the extremity of the iceberg erstwhile it comes to investing successful the Aloha State — which has locals worried.

Sources archer The Post that Bezos, 57, is presently scouting off-the-market ranches successful Maui aft buying spot connected Valley Isle’s southbound shore, known arsenic the La Perouse Bay.

Bezos had besides been hoping to find a four-bedroom penthouse successful Montage Kapalua Bay — a rarity astatine the luxury edifice wherever helium often stays — for his parents, located connected the different broadside of the Maui land from the property helium purchased successful June.

The entrepreneur-turned-astronaut purchased 3 antithetic structures connected his ain backstage bay, with further acreage nether the Lochland Holdings LLC, spot records reveal.

The main   spot   spans 4,450 quadrate  feet.The main spot spans 4,450 quadrate feet. Ethan Kwon
The bay is highly  secluded and nary  commercialized  enactment   is allowed of immoderate  kind.The bay is highly secluded and nary commercialized enactment is allowed of immoderate kind. Ethan Kwon
The property  is surrounded by dormant lava fields. The property is surrounded by dormant lava fields. Ethan Kwon

Bezos purchased the LLC from the Schatz household — the erstwhile owners of the estate. Doug Schatz, a Colorado-based vigor businessman, bought the spot successful 1996 for $4.2 million, and successful the pursuing years, spent a fewer cardinal much to bargain the neighboring land.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who presently owns implicit 1,300 acres of onshore connected the land of Kauai, has reportedly spent implicit $100 cardinal for his real property transactions connected the island.

Locals told The Post they person mixed feelings astir tech moguls taking implicit the island.

“It is pugnacious being calved and raised here, seeing these existent property transactions and however it tin thrust up prices,” 1 root said. “On the island, an mean location present costs 1 cardinal — mode supra what astir blue-collar workers tin afford. So I ever conflict with that.”

But connected the different hand, the root mused that immoderate of these “big-money” investors person truly helped Hawaii, including Larry Ellison, who purchased 98% of Lanai successful 2012 and moved to the land full-time successful December.

“On the different broadside of the coin you person Ellison — helium improved truthful overmuch of the infrastructure, similar the Pineapple Plantation, located successful Honolulu,” the insider said. “You had parks deteriorating, infrastructure was successful decay, and helium brought it backmost to beingness essentially.”

“It’s hard to cognize what Bezos’ intentions are this aboriginal on,” the root added.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos be  the Amazon Prime Video solemnisation  connected  January 16, 2020 successful  Mumbai, India.Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos be the Amazon Prime Video solemnisation connected January 16, 2020, successful Mumbai, India.

According to Pacific Business News, Bezos and his partner, Lauren Sanchez, “want to beryllium a portion of supporting the section community” and person donated to respective charities successful Maui, including Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui, Malama Family Recovery Center, The Maui Farm, Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers and Habitat for Humanity Maui.

Anthony Sayles, a Hawaiian autochthonal and realtor with Coldwell Banker Island Properties, revealed the bay spot Bezos purchased was erstwhile a spot helium frequented erstwhile helium was a young kid successful simple school, describing the abstraction arsenic “very unique.”

“At that time, it was rustic. It has since seen respective renovations. Having your ain backstage bay, it is thing similar retired of Gilligan’s Island,” Sayles said.

Jeff Bezos is hoping to bargain  much  spot   connected  the Maui Island successful  the adjacent   future. Jeff Bezos is hoping to bargain much spot connected the Maui land successful the adjacent future.Ethan Kwon

“It’s precise backstage from car access, truthful you can’t spot the location if you’re driving by. It’s barricaded. You person to walk done respective gates to get successful and determination is around-the-clock security.”

Sayles explained that the bay is considered a marine sportfishing reserve area, which means individuals are not allowed to bash immoderate commercialized operations there, including fishing.

The property is besides surrounded by thousands of acres of dormant lava fields wherever the Haleakalā volcano erupted implicit 400 years ago.

“My main representation is the coral floors. It felt similar you were extracurricular surviving ‘Gilligan Island’ style,” Sayle reiterated.

Even by Hawaii standards, this oceanfront property is isolated and distant and is made up of 3 abstracted structures.

The main operation holds 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and spans 4,450 quadrate feet. The 2nd spot is simply a two-bedroom, 2½-bathroom guesthouse with 1,839 quadrate feet. The 3rd operation has 3 bedrooms and 1 chamber and comes with 1,815 quadrate feet of space.

While $78 cardinal whitethorn look overpriced for the secluded abode, a smaller property adjacent sold for $45 million past summer. At the time, it was known arsenic the 2nd astir costly existent property transaction successful the state.

Bezos is present considered the 2nd richest idiosyncratic successful the world, with an estimated nett worthy of $191.4 billion, according to Forbes.

In summation to the $78 cardinal Hawaiian property, helium has a $500 cardinal existent property portfolio, with properties successful California, Texas, Washington and New York.