As Shatner Heads Toward the Stars, Visions of Space Collide

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“Risk is our business,” James T. Kirk erstwhile said. “That’s what this starship is each about. That’s wherefore we’re aboard her.”

More than a half-century later, the performer who breathed beingness into the fabled Enterprise skipper is, astatine property 90, making that benignant of hazard his ain concern and heading toward the stars nether dramatically antithetic circumstances than his fictional counterpart. And successful doing so, William Shatner is causing worlds to collide, oregon astatine slightest permitting parallel universes to coexist—the utopian spacefaring imaginativeness of “Star Trek” and the evolving, progressively commercialized spot that “space” holds successful the American psyche.

When Shatner boards Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin NS-18 successful Texas astatine astir dawn Wednesday, his 1 tiny measurement into the trade creates 1 of the eventual crossover stories of our era.

It’s astir abstraction and exploration, sure. But it’s besides astir fashionable civilization and selling and amusement and nostalgia and anticipation and Manifest Destiny and, and, and … well, you get the idea.

“What volition I spot erstwhile I’m retired there?” Shatner wondered past week, talking to Anderson Cooper connected CNN. An arsenic valid question is this: What volition WE spot erstwhile he’s retired there?

It volition beryllium a analyzable blend of quality dreams superimposed upon exertion and hope, braggadocio, and cash, and the conception that abstraction question elevates us—all orchestrated by a institution nether disapproval for what immoderate telephone the decidedly un-utopian, tech-bro ways that it operates.

Is each that and “Star Trek” a bully fit?

The World of ‘Star Trek’

Since its 1966 premiere with 1 of the astir divers casts TV had ever seen, “Trek” has grown from Gene Roddenberry’s fever imagination of a “‘Wagon Train’ to the stars” into an intricate transmedia beingness afloat of subtleties and traditions and rules.

Among them: Human beings debar sidesplitting each other. Money is mostly outdated, arsenic are hunger and poverty. Greed is aberrant. Noninterference successful different cultures is the astir ineffable rule of all. And wrong the United Federation of Planets, the spacefaring United Nations of “Star Trek,” exploration, not domination, is the coin of the realm.

That 1966–69 archetypal bid utilized allegory to evade web censors and archer stories astir racism and xenophobia and adjacent the Vietnam War. How could they get distant with each that? Because the adventures of Kirk’s Enterprise took spot against a backdrop of 23rd-century abstraction travel—something straight applicable to the satellite arsenic well, fixed that humans archetypal acceptable ft connected the satellite 47 days aft the archetypal series’ last episode.

Over the adjacent half-century, backed by a vocal instrumentality base, “Star Trek” roared backmost for much and, successful the process, led the mode successful cementing abstraction question arsenic an perfect canvas for applicable storytelling.

Even arsenic NASA’s Apollo-era ebbed into the abstraction shuttle programme (where an aboriginal trade was named “Enterprise”) and yet into uncertainty, “Trek” remained 1 of the culture’s cardinal vehicles for a spacefaring future.

Blue Origin Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket launches carrying passengers Jeff Bezos, laminitis of Amazon and abstraction tourism institution Blue Origin, member Mark Bezos, Oliver Daemen and Wally Funk, from its spaceport adjacent Van Horn, Texas, connected July 20, 2021. (Tony Gutierrez/AP Photo)

In the 1980s, movies astir the archetypal unit dealt with aging and regret. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” offered a much cerebral but inactive utopian vision. Another spinoff, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” acceptable astatine an outpost preserving a delicate detente, presented a darker take—but inactive 1 successful which avarice was anomalous and worthy of scorn. And “Enterprise,” a 2001–2005 prequel, offered a season-long arc astir the aftermath of a 9/11-style extraterrestrial onslaught connected Earth.

Two of the latest iterations of the myth, “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard,” person dipped deeper into the acheronian than their predecessors and person toyed with the conception that not each humanity wants to beryllium rather that utopian.

In each that varying storytelling, though, 1 changeless remained: the conception that quality abstraction question would go a vector of morals and goodness that elevated the postulation alternatively than plundered it.

The Profitable Frontier

This brings america to companies similar Blue Origin, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic—endeavors that physique their brands not upon countries but corporations.

They connection the civilization a saltation connected the theme—a communicative that abstraction question isn’t conscionable for scientists and diplomats but for you and me, too.

“The United States ever has had backstage radical moving for the nationalist purpose,” says Ravi S. Rajan, president of the California Institute for the Arts and a “Trek” instrumentality since childhood. “But however overmuch is done privately and however overmuch is done publicly, that changes.”

The motives of the Amazon laminitis himself stay unclear. It is evident, though, that the fashionable civilization of abstraction question has influenced him deeply.

Bezos, who tells a communicative of exploring abstraction to assistance guarantee Earth’s continued prosperity, is simply a longtime “Trek” fan. He made a cameo arsenic an alien Starfleet authoritative successful the 2016 movie “Star Trek Beyond.” And according to biographer Brad Stone, Bezos adjacent fleetingly considered calling Amazon “,” aft Capt. Jean-Luc Picard’s favourite bid successful “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

That benignant of storyline—hope, heroism, competitory dominance, and an unerring consciousness of competence that tin astatine times overlap with testosterone—could beryllium 1 cardinal crushed wherefore the commercialized abstraction outfits are thriving. At a infinitesimal erstwhile NASA and nation-focused abstraction question lacks a compelling Hollywood narrative, the entrepreneurs and their marketers measurement close in.

“American dominance successful space, cipher cares astir it. It’s Bezos who says: ‘We can’t spell connected surviving similar this. We person to prevention the planet,’” says Mary-Jane Rubenstein, a prof of religion and subject successful nine astatine Wesleyan University. What results, she says, is “a kinder, gentler colonialism” successful which humans instrumentality to orbit nether premises that look justifiable but necessitate person scrutiny.

“It’s the billionaires who person the utopian visions,” says Rubenstein, writer of the upcoming publication “Astrotopia: The Dangerous Religion of the Corporate Space Race.”

“The states can’t muster them,” she says. “They person nary story.”

Blue Origin motorboat  site Carol Larro checks retired the motion astatine the entranceway to the Blue Origin motorboat tract adjacent Van Horn, Texas, connected Oct. 11, 2021. (LM Otero/AP Photo)

Launching Shatner

We unrecorded successful an epoch wherever the fictional and the existent person an intricate relationship, and sometimes it’s hard to abstracted them. Something similar this, a collision of dreams and real-life ambition and achievement, couldn’t person a much effectual ambassador than the outsized property that is William Shatner.

“I was determination past week rehearsing, immoderate they telephone it,” Shatner told Anderson Cooper.

“Training I deliberation is what they telephone it,” Cooper said, to which Shatner responded, “I deliberation of it arsenic a rehearsal.”

In the meantime, see the autobiographical opus called “Real” that Shatner recorded successful 2004 with state vocalist Brad Paisley.

“I’d emotion to assistance the satellite and each its problems. But I’m an entertainer, and that’s all,” helium says successful it. “So the adjacent clip there’s an asteroid oregon a earthy disaster, I’m flattered that you thought of me—but I’m not the 1 to call.”

Turns out, helium is—this time. But adjacent time? In the aboriginal of the last frontier and the civilization that has grown up astir it—in this antithetic realm wherever hazard IS the business—that’s yet going to person to beryllium addressed.

By Ted Anthony

The Associated Press