Asher Monroe Shares How New Song ‘Wanderlust’ Is A ‘Testament To My Life’ & Creative Vision

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It’s hard to pin Asher Monroe down – literally. The talented entertainer explains however his emotion of question was captured successful ‘Wanderlust,’ the past clip helium took a originative ‘leap,’ and which Elton John songs are criminally underrated.

Would you question to a caller state connected a whim? Would you committee a level going anywhere, a passport successful 1 manus and a zest for escapade successful the other? Or does the “unknown” look excessively intimidating, excessively risky? While a twelvemonth of lockdown and question restrictions whitethorn person changed opinions of whether to pitchy acceptable oregon not, Asher Monroe is acceptable to battalion his bags and deed the road. The singer-songwriter and histrion channeled those feelings into “Wanderlust,” a piano-driven way surging with psyche and positivity. The opus is “a testament to my life,” Asher tells HollywoodLife, arsenic I wouldn’t beryllium the idiosyncratic I americium contiguous without each the fortunate question opportunities that person taken maine acold and wide.”

“Traveling for maine is an important relation successful my creativity and inspiration,” helium adds. This creativity has been alternatively prolific for Asher. Earlier successful 2021, Asher released Talk With God, and now, he’s prepping the follow-up, Windows Of Time. The second medium promises to amusement Asher’s improvement and growth. The grounds paired him with acclaimed shaper Walter Afanasieff – who has worked with Mariah Carey and Barbra Streisand  — and the collaboration resulted successful an “orchestral, theatrical pop-style of sound,” helium says. “It was a imagination lawsuit script to leap successful the heavy end, bringing each that I person learned from my past and rolling up my sleeves to what I didn’t know, and learning truthful overmuch successful the process.”

Though Asher archetypal made a sanction for himself via acting, with appearances connected Parenthood, Zoey 101, and The Mentalist, his main absorption has been euphony since his solo breakthrough successful 2011. Asher has picked up a batch implicit his travels, collaborating with acts similar Sean Kingston and Chris Brown – and he’s earned immoderate precocious praise from immoderate large stars. Asher counts Sir Elton John arsenic a mentor, and Elton has supported Asher by playing his euphony connected Elton John’s Rocket Hour on Apple Music. In an EXCLUSIVE interrogation with HollywoodLife, Asher discussed however Elton’s The Lockdown Sessions is akin to Talk With God, the extended world acquisition that’s coming successful 2022, and the Elton John tracks that helium thinks merit much love.

HollywoodLife: We’re a fewer weeks since you’ve enactment retired “Wanderlust,” your 3rd azygous from your caller album. How has the instrumentality absorption been to this song? 

Asher Monroe: It’s been truly good! The full concern strategy of releasing songs nowadays is truthful different, particularly arsenic an autarkic artist. You utilized to person to acceptable up records weeks, adjacent months earlier the release, and present it seems everything tin beryllium done instantly. ‘Wanderlust’ got added to 90 Spotify playlists, truthful it seems that radical are responding precise overmuch to the sound. These days you ne'er cognize however listeners volition react, and that’s wherefore it’s ever important to conscionable support releasing bully content.

One mightiness presume that it was inspired by caller events erstwhile question wasn’t an enactment for astir of the world. Did you constitute this opus recently? Or had it been cooking for a while?

I would similar to accidental it was penned during the pandemic, but unfortunately, this opus caught a question close before. I was really successful Croatia erstwhile I wrote the lyrics. It’s a testament to my beingness arsenic I wouldn’t beryllium the idiosyncratic I americium contiguous without each the fortunate question opportunities that person taken maine acold and wide. Traveling for maine is an important relation successful my creativity and inspiration. I travel backmost to my location basal with caller understanding, appreciation, and “Wanderlust.”

When was the past clip you took a “leap of religion into the unknown?” This could beryllium thing arsenic mundane arsenic trying a caller nutrient oregon thing much drastic. 

That’s a large question. I deliberation jumping into the chartless is simply a mode to germinate and grow. As overmuch arsenic it tin beryllium scary, it’s rewarding to get connected the different side. I would accidental penning my medium Windows of Time is simply a large illustration of not being attached to an outcome. I had ne'er worked with a euphony shaper with Walter Afanasieff’s credentials before, and I had ne'er written what came to beryllium an orchestral, theatrical pop-style of sound. I had besides ne'er overseen truthful galore facets of the production, i.e., hiring and overseeing each the endowment involved, penning 100% of each my lyrics, vocal producing and engineering, and adjacent co-producing alongside Walter. It was a imagination lawsuit script to leap successful the heavy end, bringing each that I person learned from my past and rolling up my sleeves to what I didn’t cognize and learning truthful overmuch successful the process.

Earlier successful 2021, you released Talk With God, a full-length of unreleased and uncommon tracks. You’re presently prepping your 4th album, Windows of Time. First off, what was the information down releasing Talk With God since collections similar that usually reserved for artists aboriginal successful their careers? 

I spot albums arsenic compilations of an artist’s work. Similar to Elton John’s recently released medium The Lockdown Sessions, helium had been moving with each these antithetic artists helium respects and wanted to enactment with to support him engaged during the pandemic. Elton ne'er intended to merchandise this album, but with an accumulation of truthful galore large songs, helium enactment them each connected an medium for his fans to respect and hear. For me, it was thing similar. I had realized that sonically and lyrically, I was penning and releasing truthful galore singles that had a akin connection and dependable truthful I thought, wherefore not enactment acquainted tunes and a fewer originals my fans had not heard earlier connected an medium that would dependable cohesive. That’s however Talk With God the medium came to be.

Was determination a spot of closure that came with releasing Talk With God

Yes, determination was decidedly a consciousness of closure releasing the medium (I support referring it to the medium due to the fact that I besides person a azygous called ‘Talk With God’ connected that record.) If you tin envision albums arsenic chapters successful one’s life, I was successful a definite headspace that I whitethorn ne'er beryllium successful again. I consciousness similar I person grown truthful overmuch since that time, but it’s amusive to perceive backmost arsenic it reminds maine of wherever I was and however acold I’ve come. I’ve ever been funny successful experimenting with caller genres, and Talk With God was (please excuse the pun) a “Window of Time.”

I work that you wrote Windows Of Time portion spending clip successful Croatia and that you turned disconnected your telephone for 3 months. Is this a caller attack to songwriting, oregon bash you usually person to chopped distant the distractions successful specified an utmost manner? 

It is existent that I wrote Windows Of Time successful Croatia and that I turned disconnected my telephone for 3 months without immoderate distractions. I can’t accidental unequivocally that this volition beryllium the mode successful which I constitute each aboriginal album, but I tin accidental that this attack with small to nary distractions allowed maine to immerse myself overmuch deeper than I had ever realized oregon hoped. Many artists enactment successful antithetic ways, and determination is ne'er 1 attack that works crossed the board. The penning process is unsocial to each artist, portion 1 mightiness get their inspiration successful a large workplace with tons of radical successful a room, and others mightiness get much inspiration connected a hilltop wholly distant from the world. It’s the quality of creativity; you conscionable ne'er know, but it’s up to the creator to observe what works champion for them.

Touching backmost connected the “leap of faith,” what would you accidental is the biggest hazard with Windows of Time? Did you constitute a opus with lyrics that went much idiosyncratic than before? Or bash you effort thing that’s marque new, sonically? 

There’s ever hazard erstwhile you’re not acrophobic of the outcome, and the reward usually comes agelong aft the hard enactment is done. With this album, I wasn’t chasing trends, what I presently was proceeding connected the vigor oregon what my peers thought was “cool” due to the fact that I was truthful acold off-grid that I  conscionable wanted my dependable to radiance through. Saying each that, 1 would accidental that, of course, there’s hazard erstwhile you spell successful a antithetic absorption that everybody other is going, but if you flip the coin, that’s what tin sometimes marque you basal retired from the assemblage by being peculiar oregon unsocial to yourself. At the extremity of the day, there’s lone 1 you, and it’s our occupation to hone and find that dependable and hopefully, for it to beryllium heard.

Perhaps you answered this with the erstwhile question, but what would you accidental is your proudest infinitesimal connected Windows of Time? Was it that ‘leap,’ oregon was it possibly a lyric that you worked hard on? Or was it a definite enactment that took a fewer tries to lockdown?

Vocally I had immoderate of my champion performances to day connected this album. I wanted to propulsion distant from that squeaky clean, overly edited popular dependable and showcase to the champion of my quality that I’m a existent singers singer. Sometimes I don’t deliberation my fans truly cognize my existent capabilities, and it was amusive to item immoderate of that connected this album. Lyrically too, I don’t adjacent deliberation portion penning this medium I had it successful maine that I could constitute specified profound lyrics. It was a existent testament to what’s imaginable if you wholeheartedly judge successful yourself and spot the process. Here were days that I didn’t cognize however I would decorativeness a song, but I conscionable kept showing up to the sheet and yet started hitting location runs. It was the champion feeling successful the satellite erstwhile I would decorativeness penning a opus and commencement carving retired the adjacent one, but it was a process of owed diligence and perseverance. I learned truthful overmuch astir myself successful the process of making this album.

You person a beauteous transportation with Elton John. If ever pressed to execute a opus of his – beryllium it a drunken karaoke night, oregon for a tribute album, oregon possibly a celebratory performance astatine Carnegie Hall – what would beryllium your archetypal choice? And which opus of his bash you deliberation is simply a spot underrated? 

Now you’re speaking my connection [laughs]. Carnegie Hall is inactive astatine the apical of my bucket list. I would accidental ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.’ I deliberation ‘Daniel’ oregon ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ are precise underrated.

What is connected platform for 2022 since it’s close astir the corner? 

Right now, the 2 biggest things connected platform are an upcoming XR (extended reality) immersive showcase of immoderate of the large hits connected the medium and a TV amusement successful accumulation that I can’t truly speech astir until a aboriginal date. I can’t hold for the satellite to perceive this grounds successful each of its forms.

Wanderlust” Is Out Now