Assad regime ‘siphons millions in aid’ by manipulating Syria’s currency

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The Syrian authorities is siphoning disconnected millions of dollars of overseas assistance by forcing UN agencies to usage a little speech rate, according to new research.

The Central Bank of Syria, which is sanctioned by the UK, US and EU, successful effect made $60m (£44m) successful 2020 by pocketing $0.51 of each assistance dollar sent to Syria, making UN contracts 1 of the biggest money-making avenues for President Bashar al-Assad and his government, researchers from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Operations & Policy Center thinktank and the Center for Operational Analysis and Research found.

Hit by caller US sanctions and the illness of the banking strategy successful neighbouring Lebanon, cash-strapped Damascus is relying increasingly connected unorthodox methods for raising funds – wealth either pocketed by officials successful Damascus for their ain idiosyncratic wealth, oregon enactment towards the 10-year-old warfare effort.

Researchers analysed hundreds of UN contracts to procure goods and services for radical surviving successful government-held areas of Syria, wherever much than 90% of the colonisation are surviving successful poorness since the Syrian pound, oregon lira, crashed past year.

While the cardinal bank’s authoritative speech complaint is present SYP2,500 to the US dollar, the achromatic marketplace complaint is SYP3,500. Legitimate traders and consumers similar to usage the achromatic marketplace rate, arsenic they person much Syrian pounds for overseas currency.

Since the UN is forced by the Syrian authorities to usage the authoritative rate, fractional of overseas assistance wealth exchanged into Syrian pounds successful 2020 was mislaid aft being exchanged astatine the lower, authoritative rate.

“This shows an incredibly systematic mode of diverting assistance earlier it adjacent has a accidental to beryllium implemented oregon utilized connected the ground,” said Natasha Hall, of the CSIS, a Washington-based thinktank that helped compile the research.

Syrian cardinal  slope  unit   stack wads of Syrian pounds successful  Damascus
Syrian cardinal slope unit number SYR1,000 notes, featuring Hafez al-Assad, ex-president and begetter of Bashar, successful 2010. The authorities makes millions exploiting the spread betwixt the authoritative and achromatic marketplace complaint for the currency. Photograph: Hussein Malla/AP

“If the extremity of sanctions wide is to deprive the authorities of the resources to perpetrate acts of unit against civilians and the extremity of humanitarian assistance is to scope radical successful request past we person this lawsuit … wherever assistance is astatine implicit contradiction to those 2 stated goals.”

After 10 years of civilian warfare successful Syria, planetary donor fatigue, already seen successful decreasing assistance pledges, has turned to much overt governmental re-engagement with Assad’s regime.

Without the US playing a beardown relation successful uncovering a governmental solution successful Syria, which Washington inactive publically advocates, Arab nations – including the US-allied Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt – person precocious restarted diplomatic talks, reopened borders for commercialized and signalled renewing economical cooperation.

The US allows Damascus to play a major relation successful funnelling Egyptian state to Lebanon to powerfulness the country’s fuel-depleted powerfulness plants. Interpol allowed Syria to rejoin its network adjacent arsenic the destiny of dissidents captured passim the warfare remains unknown.

Examining 779 publically disposable procurements for 2019 and 2020, listed connected the UN Global Marketplace database, researchers recovered that up to $100m was mislaid successful the speech rate.

If salaries, cash-aid programmes and different backing streams not made nationalist were included, the slope could beryllium making hundreds of millions of dollars, according to researchers.

The backing has been channelled done assorted UN agencies – the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA); the World Food Programme; the UN Development Programme; the UNHCR; the Food and Agriculture Organisation; and Unicef.

The UN’s fiscal tracking strategy told the researchers it did not show the magnitude of wealth exchanged into Syrian pounds arsenic “tracking specified accusation was beyond the scope of their mission”.

More than 350,000 radical person died successful Syria implicit the past decade, and governments person donated connected mean $2.5bn a twelvemonth to the UN’s Syria programmes since 2014.

In 2016, the UN was accused of aiding the regime by diverting billions of dollars successful assistance to government-held regions portion leaving besieged areas without nutrient and medicine.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has warned that UN agencies and governments risked complicity successful quality rights violations successful Syria if they did not guarantee transparency and effectual oversight.

Last year, the US announced an further $700m successful humanitarian assistance for Syria. The UK authorities has fixed £1.59bn successful aid to Syria betwixt February 2012 and June 2021.

A Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office spokesperson said: “The UK does not supply immoderate assistance done the Assad authorities … Robust processes are successful spot to guarantee that our assistance reaches those who request it most.”

Hall said determination was a “reticence” astir investigating however overmuch assistance had been diverted. She said donors were good alert of the problem. “I deliberation it is astir [them] choosing definite battles to fight. It’s conscionable not wide to maine that immoderate battles are being fought erstwhile it comes to assistance successful Syrian government-held areas today,” she said.

“There’s truly nary mode for us, arsenic autarkic consultants, to cognize the afloat grade of however assistance is spent wrong the state … We conscionable wanted to emblem that, adjacent done this constricted portal to knowing however overmuch is spent, it’s already tens of millions of dollars which is hoarded.”

She believes the UN should negociate a preferential speech complaint with the Syrian authorities – – to astatine slightest trim the magnitude siphoned off.

Sara Kayyali, of HRW, said “there was nary owed diligence successful presumption of quality rights” wrong UN procurement to debar bankrolling Syria.

“This should beryllium a wake-up telephone to the UN … they request to revise the mode they supply assistance and revise however they see their obligations to respect quality rights successful airy of this, due to the fact that it’s hard to warrant this thought that hundreds of millions of dollars are going to an abusive authorities apparatus,” she said.

Danielle Moylan, a spokesperson for the UN agencies mentioned, said: “The UN welcomes each autarkic scrutiny of humanitarian operations successful Syria. Our foremost precedence has, and ever volition be, assisting the radical successful request successful Syria, guided by humanitarian principles, accountability to the affected populations, transparency, ratio and effectiveness.

“The bulk of UN’s procurement for our humanitarian effect successful Syria is made successful planetary and determination markets and truthful not affected by the Syrian speech rate. Otherwise, arsenic is the lawsuit successful immoderate country, the UN successful Syria is required to usage the authoritative speech rate,” Moylan said.

“In the past, the UN and humanitarian partners person negotiated a ‘preferential’ speech complaint for humanitarian operations [and] continues to prosecute the Central Bank of Syria connected the contented of ‘preferential’ speech rates.”