Astros tension could be problem for GM James Click

3 months ago 23

There’s said to beryllium hostility betwixt Astros GM James Click and proprietor Jim Crane. Despite different terrific play successful Houston, could Click beryllium connected the blistery seat?

Click declined comment, saying they are focused connected the postseason. If Click does go, presumably he’d beryllium coveted. Bob Nightengale of USA Today archetypal mentioned this perceived rift. 

The White Sox are giving Miguel Cairo an interview, but the conjecture present is it’s lone a courtesy since higher-ups (and the remainder of us) thought Chicago was amended than a .500 team. 

Chicago White Sox acting manager   Miguel Cairo looks retired  from the dugout Miguel CairoAP Photo

The Reds are retaining manager David Bell, alternatively firing 5 coaches aft the 100-loss season. 

Phillies interim manager Rob Thomson, who’s precise fashionable with players and broke the team’s playoff drought, presumably volition articulation Blue Jays interim John Schneider successful keeping their jobs.

Word going astir the crippled is that the Angels whitethorn acceptable a grounds astatine $2.5B with their franchise sale, and Shohei Ohtani whitethorn wage disconnected yet again, arsenic there’s connection a large Japanese institution is among galore suitors showing interest. 

While Ohtani set a grounds astatine $30M for an arbitration eligible player, immoderate inactive would person preferred to spot him usage the peculiar accomplishment clause successful the CBA that allows a uncommon fewer fifth-year players to comparison themselves to escaped agents, which would person meant Max Scherzer ($43.3M) and others.

Not lone that but immoderate estimates suggest Ohtani brings successful $20M to $35M successful other gross (it’s hard to cognize exactly). Anyway, immoderate including me(link), would person liked to spot him property the issue.

Ohtani was thought to beryllium thrilled with the deal, and undoubtedly the Angels proceed to beryllium ecstatic astir the full association, arsenic he’s a currency cattle who apt adjacent raises the franchise value. MLB has to beryllium pleased, too, arsenic this sets a ceiling. It’s hard to ideate anyone matching Ohtani’s accomplishments.