Astros vs. Red Sox prediction: Offenses will prevail in Game 6

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The Red Sox find themselves successful a acquainted spot arsenic their play is connected the line, but dissimilar successful past situations, Nathan Eovaldi is going to transportation connected the roadworthy against the Astros connected 2 days’ rest. 

Eovaldi was utilized retired of the bullpen successful Game 4 and surrendered 4 runs portion getting 2 outs successful the ninth inning arsenic a necktie crippled turned into a seven-run loss. 

The Red Sox person won each 3 of Eovaldi’s playoff starts successful Houston since the 2018 postseason, but wide this play Eovaldi was not the aforesaid distant from Boston. He posted a 4.21 ERA with opponents hitting .271 disconnected of him connected the roadworthy compared to a 3.47 location ERA and .247 OBA. Also, helium allowed little than 0.5 location runs per 9 innings astatine Fenway compared to 1.2 location runs per 9 innings connected the road. 

Between the regular play and postseason, the Astros are averaging much than 5.4 runs per game, which leads the majors. They person scored astatine slightest 5 runs successful 11 of their 12 games successful October. 

The Red Sox and Astros should supply  immoderate   runs successful  Game 6.The Red Sox and Astros should supply immoderate runs successful Game 6.AP

The Red Sox and Astros had the 2 worst regular-season bullpen ERAs among teams that made the playoffs, and each 4 games successful which Eovaldi has pitched this postseason person gone Over, truthful look for this ALCS to person a sixth consecutive crippled spell implicit the total. 

The play: Red Sox-Astros total, Over 8.5 runs.