Astroworld: rapper Travis Scott ‘devastated’ after festival deaths

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The rapper Travis Scott said helium was devastated aft 8 radical died astatine his Astroworld euphony festival and urged those with accusation to interaction the authorities arsenic astatine slightest 2 investigations began, 1 of them criminal.

Eight radical ranging successful property from 14 to 27 were killed and dozens were injured astatine the Houston festival connected Friday successful a unreserved toward the signifier soon aft 9pm, portion Scott was performing.

Officials said autopsies were being performed arsenic soon arsenic imaginable truthful bodies could beryllium returned to families. Identities of immoderate of the dormant were expected to beryllium released connected Sunday.

Investigators planned to reappraisal video footage to find retired what caused the surge towards the beforehand of the assemblage and wherefore individuals appeared to beryllium trapped successful the crush.

Initial investigation by the Washington Post suggested the performance continued for astir an hr aft the archetypal assemblage members appeared to beryllium successful distress. Material examined by the paper recorded respective attempts being made by individuals to dependable the alarm, lone to beryllium drowned retired by Scott’s performance.

In statements connected Twitter and Instagram, Scott said constabulary had his implicit enactment arsenic they “look into this tragic nonaccomplishment of life” and that helium would enactment to “heal and support” families successful need. He said helium could “just not ideate the severity of the situation” from the stage.

“I’m perfectly devastated by what took spot past night. My prayers spell retired to the families and each those impacted by what happened astatine Astroworld festival,” helium said.

“Anytime I tin marque retired thing that’s going on, ya know, I halt the amusement and you know, assistance them get the assistance they need. I could conscionable not ideate the severity of the situation.

“To the ones that was mislaid past night, we’re moving close present to ID the families truthful we tin assistance assistance them done this pugnacious clip … If you person immoderate accusation delight conscionable interaction the section authorities.”

Harris County justice  Lina Hidalgo
Harris region justice Lina Hidalgo addresses the media connected Saturday. Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Reuters

Lina Hildago, the Harris region judge, called for an “objective, independent” investigation.

“Perhaps the plans were inadequate. Perhaps the plans were bully but they weren’t followed,” she said. “The families of those who died, everybody affected, deserves answers.

“When we work these ages – 14, 16, 21, 21, 23, 23, 27 – it conscionable breaks your bosom and I cognize that the images we’ve seen are hard to tummy and I ideate much volition aboveground that are hard to stomach.”

The Houston metropolis constabulary chief, Troy Finner, said his section had opened a transgression probe by homicide and narcotics detectives, aft reports that idiosyncratic successful the assemblage had injected radical with drugs.

The city’s occurrence chief, Samuel Peña, said respective concertgoers had to beryllium revived with the anti-drug overdose medicine Narcan, including a information serviceman who appeared to person been injected successful the neck.

Finner told reporters determination were “a batch of narratives retired determination close now” astir alleged transgression behaviour among festivalgoers.

“I deliberation that each of america request to beryllium respectful of the families and marque definite that we travel the facts and grounds and that’s what we’re trying to bash present successful the Houston constabulary department,” helium said.

A pedestrian transverse  Main Street successful  beforehand   of a motion   announcing the cancellation of Astroworld
A pedestrian transverse Main Street successful beforehand of a motion announcing the cancellation of the festival. Photograph: Michael Wyke/AP

Scott, 29, who is from Houston, founded the Astroworld festival successful 2018 and it has taken spot astatine NRG Park each twelvemonth since but for 2020. His show connected Friday was livestreamed by Apple Music. The Houston Chronicle reported that helium stopped a fig of times during the 75-minute acceptable erstwhile helium spotted fans successful distress, asking information to help. Emergency vehicles, with lights flashing and alarms sounding, chopped done the crowd.

A elder Houston constabulary officer, Larry Satterwhite, who was adjacent the front, said it seemed the surge “happened each astatine once”.

“Suddenly we had respective radical down connected the ground, experiencing immoderate benignant of cardiac apprehension oregon immoderate benignant of aesculapian episode,” helium said. “And truthful we instantly started doing CPR, and moving radical close then, and that’s erstwhile I went and met with the promoters and they agreed to extremity aboriginal successful the involvement of nationalist safety.”

Niaara Goods, 28, of New York, who travelled to Texas to spot friends and observe a birthday, said the assemblage surged arsenic a timer clicked down to the commencement of the performance.

“As soon arsenic helium jumped retired connected the stage, it was similar an vigor took implicit and everything went haywire,” she said. “All of a sudden, your ribs are being crushed. You person someone’s limb successful your neck. You’re trying to respire but you can’t.”

She said she and her friends, 1 of whom was punched connected the caput and jaw, were separated but each escaped. She said she was truthful hopeless to get retired she spot a antheral connected the enarthrosis to get him to move.

“Some radical are laughing astatine us, those who are screaming to get out, due to the fact that they thought it was funny. They didn’t realise it was terror,” she said.

Later, aft getting to safety, she saw immoderate of those injured being moved connected gurneys oregon successful wheelchairs.

“It was virtually the scariest nighttime of my life. I virtually thought I was going to dice trying to get out. That’s conscionable not what you wage for,” she said.

Seventeen radical were taken to hospital, including 11 successful cardiac arrest, Peña said. Promoters had arranged for aesculapian units to beryllium connected the country but they were rapidly overwhelmed. More than 300 radical were treated successful a tract hospital. Peña said 1 idiosyncratic wounded was 10 years old. About 50,000 radical attended the event, helium added.

It was the highest fig of accidental deaths astatine an authoritative US performance venue since the Station nightclub fire, which killed 100 successful Rhode Island successful 2003.

In a statement, organisers said: “Our hearts are with the Astroworld festival household tonight, particularly those we mislaid and their loved ones.”

Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report