Asylum hotel deaths ‘twice as high’ as Home Office admitted

11 months ago 157

Ninety-five radical person died successful asylum accommodation since April 2016, astir treble the fig precocious admitted by the government, raising suspicions the Home Office has deliberately downplayed the decease toll.

And the information reveals that successful the past 2 years determination has been a peculiarly crisp summation successful the fig of deaths of those housed nether asylum enactment provisions, specified arsenic successful hotels.

Deaths leapt from 4 successful 2019 to 36 successful 2020 – a ninefold summation – with a further 33 radical successful the archetypal 8 months of 2021, bringing full deaths since the commencement of 2020 to 69 people, according to state of accusation (FoI) requests by the investigative journalism organisation, Liberty Investigates.

Dr Sabir Zazai, main enforcement of the Scottish Refugee Council, called the figures “devastating” and urged an autarkic enquiry to found wherefore truthful galore radical successful the state’s attraction were dying.

As recently arsenic 3 months ago the Home Office said 51 radical had died successful its asylum accommodation, pursuing FoI requests made by the Scottish Refugee Council (SRC). The new, overmuch higher fig has shocked experts and raised questions implicit the important discrepancy successful decease tolls.

The SRC and Liberty Investigates asked astir deaths of radical housed nether 4 sections of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. The lone quality was that Liberty Investigates asked for deaths up to the extremity of August, 2 months more. This lone explains 11 of the other deaths, leaving 33 unaccounted for.

Pressed for an explanation, the Home Office said the discrepancy came from its mentation of an other operation included successful 1 of the requests from the Scottish Refugee Council – “whilst staying successful asylum enactment accommodation”.

A Home Office spokesperson appeared to suggest it took this clause to mean deaths lone taking spot wrong asylum accommodation, not if they were successful hospital, for instance.

Separate documents seen by the Observer and Liberty Investigates uncover that a 77-year-old Salvadorian, who died successful a infirmary successful Wakefield 10 days aft falling sick astatine his asylum edifice connected 5 May 2020, did not look successful the archetypal FoI information but did look successful the effect months later.

Stuart McDonald, SNP location affairs spokesperson, described the caller figures arsenic “appalling” and demanded reassurances that the discrepancy was not a deliberate Home Office determination to little the fig of deaths. He said: “A tenable idiosyncratic speechmaking [the original] petition would not construe it successful that way. We request reassurance from the Home Office that this is due to the fact that idiosyncratic interpreted the [first] FoI incorrect and not due to the fact that they were deliberately taking a restrictive presumption connected it,” helium said.

The Home Office, helium added, should committedness to people yearly information connected deaths successful asylum accommodation “openly and transparently”.

The effect to the 2nd SRC petition included references to 3 deaths that took spot “at hospital”, prompting interest the Home Office had adjacent treated its 2 requests differently, contempt being based connected identical wording. The section aboriginal said it had included deaths successful outer settings successful the 2nd petition owed to “human error”.

Toufique Hossain, manager of nationalist instrumentality astatine Duncan Lewis solicitor firm, described the discrepancies arsenic “staggering”.

He said. “What they’re evidently trying to bash [in the archetypal merchandise of figures] is say: ‘It’s not arsenic a effect of, oregon connected to, our accommodation’.”

The steep emergence successful deaths coincides with the Home Office determination successful 2020 to push thousands of asylum seekers into hotels. The Home Office claims this was to support them from the dispersed of Covid-19, but drew dense disapproval from campaigners.

Asylum seekers – galore of them survivors of conflict, trafficking oregon torture – antecedently housed successful the assemblage with entree to section amenities, recovered themselves staying arsenic agelong arsenic a twelvemonth successful distant hotels housing hundreds of people. Some reported problems accessing aesculapian help.

“Often these hotels are successful the mediate of nowhere. For example, astatine the Crowne Plaza successful Heathrow, you’re surrounded by a partition oregon motorway – truthful each that adds to people’s intelligence wellness issues, and exacerbates the issues they already person arsenic asylum seekers having fled torture oregon trafficking,” said Hossain. “It whitethorn not beryllium a astonishment that [the precocious decease complaint comes] successful the twelvemonth that they decided to effort this benignant of accommodation, whether it’s hotels oregon service barracks.”

A spokesperson astatine the Home Office said: “We instrumentality the wellness and wellbeing of asylum seekers earnestly and similar the wide population, deaths hap for a fig of reasons, including earthy causes and terminal illness.

“The FoIs are from antithetic organisations, asking for antithetic information, hence the antithetic responses. We interpreted the Liberty Investigates FoI to inquire for the fig of deaths of radical provided with asylum accommodation, whether oregon not they were staying successful that accommodation astatine the clip of their death, whilst the Scottish Refugee Council’s FoI related to deaths that occurred successful asylum accommodation.”

“The decision Liberty Investigates [and the Observer] has drawn from comparing these FoI requests is wholly incorrect and misleading,” they added. However, erstwhile pressed to specify which conclusions were wrong, they did not remark further.