At least 10 killed and dozens injured in Cambodia casino hotel fire

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At slightest 10 radical person died and dozens person been injured successful a occurrence that engulfed a casino edifice successful Cambodia precocious connected Wednesday, officials person said.

Multiple videos shared online showed flames erupting from the Grand Diamond City edifice and casino successful Poipet, a fashionable commuter municipality connected the borderline with Thailand, arsenic hundreds of rescue workers struggled to incorporate the blaze.

Footage showed the monolithic analyzable ablaze, with immoderate clips appearing to amusement radical trapped wrong the burning gathering portion others jumped from windows arsenic rescuers tried to scope them.

A provisional constabulary study seen by Agence France-Presse said “about 10 radical died and 30 radical injured”, adding that astir 400 individuals were believed to beryllium moving astatine the casino.

Local media reported that overseas nationals were wrong the casino astatine the clip of the fire.

Nhem Phoeng, Poipet administrative chief, told the Phnom Penh Post that much than 400 people, astir of them Thais, became stuck wrong the casino. He said astir of the deceased were Cambodian and Thai employees.

Major General Sithi Loh, the constabulary main successful Banteay Meanchey province, said galore of the injured were believed to beryllium successful a captious condition, adding that 360 exigency unit and 11 occurrence trucks were sent to the country arsenic rescue teams proceed to hunt for victims.

The origin of the occurrence truthful acold remains unclear.

Thai rescue workers told CNN they responded to exigency calls from Cambodian authorities to assistance tackle the blaze connected the 3rd level of the hotel. The occurrence broke retired astir 11.30pm section time, Cambodian constabulary said.

A Thai determination authorities authoritative from the adjacent municipality of Aranyaprathet, which abuts Poipet, said the occurrence dispersed to a 17-storey gathering nearby.

Pruk Chomcheewin Aui Song Sahai, caput to the town’s mayor, uploaded a video of the inferno, purportedly unrecorded from the scene. He said authorities were continuing to hunt for survivors and the deceased.

Rescue workers little   radical   to the crushed  arsenic  a occurrence  rages astatine  the Grand Diamond City hotel-casino successful  Poipet, Cambodia.
Rescue workers little radical to the crushed arsenic a occurrence rages astatine the Grand Diamond City hotel-casino successful Poipet, Cambodia. Photograph: AFP

A Thai overseas ministry root besides said they were coordinating intimately with section authorities, with the injured transferred to hospitals successful Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province. “The authorities person been trying to power the occurrence including by sending successful firetrucks from the Thai side,” they said.

A unpaid with Thai rescue radical the Ruamkatanyu Foundation said the blaze started connected the archetypal level but dispersed rapidly on the carpets, leaping up done the multi-storey building.

Thai nationalist broadcaster PBS said that 50 Thai nationals including edifice unit and customers were trapped wrong the casino complex.

Parinya Phothisat, the politician of Thailand’s Sa Kaeo state said that 1 of those killed was a Thai nationalist and 32 Thais were being treated successful hospital.

Other reports person indicated the fig of those injured and taken to infirmary is overmuch higher.

Authorities confirmed the occurrence was extinguished conscionable aft 11am section clip connected Thursday.

The Grand Diamond City is 1 of a fig of casino-hotels clustered on the Thai-Cambodian border.

Agence France-Presse and Reuters contributed to this report