At least 16 killed after office canteen explosion in China

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A lunchtime detonation astatine an bureau canteen killed 16 radical successful southwest China and injured 10 others, authorities said.

A state leak is the suspected origin of the blast connected Friday, the Chongqing metropolis authorities said successful an online statement.

The canteen collapsed, trapping victims inside. Rescue workers searched the debris into the nighttime and each the bodies were recovered by midnight, the authoritative Xinhua quality bureau said.

The Ministry of Emergency Management dispatched a squad to of much than 600 unit to the scene, authorities broadcaster CCTV said.

Rescuers hunt  astatine  the country   of the detonation  that caused a gathering  to illness  successful  Chongqing connected  7 January 2022.
Rescuers hunt astatine the country of the detonation connected 7 January 2022. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

One of the survivors was successful captious condition, Xinhua said.

The 12.10pm blast happened astatine a authorities subdistrict bureau successful Wulong District, which is astir 75 km westbound of the Chongqing metropolis centre and known for its scenic karst stone formations.

An eyewitness told state-run Phoenix TV that the blast was “very scary ... our windows person each been blown to pieces”.

aerial presumption    of the explosion
A state leak is the suspected origin of the blast. Photograph: Huang Wei/AP

Gas leaks and explosions are not uncommon successful China, owed to anemic information standards.

In June, 25 radical were killed successful a state blast that ripped done a residential compound and struck a engaged two-storey gathering packed with shoppers.

Eight suspects, including the wide manager of the institution that owned the state pipe, were detained aft the authorities said “the company’s information absorption strategy was unsound”.

The aforesaid month, 18 radical were killed and much injured erstwhile a occurrence broke retired astatine a martial arts school, with authorities media reporting that each the victims were boarding schoolhouse pupils.

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