‘At once intolerable and addictive’: five wellbeing courses and apps, road-tested

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Australians are the world’s biggest consumers of wellness and wellness apps, punching good supra our per capita value successful our quest for highest carnal and intelligence condition, according to research from telecommunications institution Uswitch. In caller years we person besides been making them – with everyone from fittingness influencers to intelligence wellness advocacy groups launching integer products.

I’m partial to a spot of mobile-based question and mindfulness myself, but I person a analyzable narration with wellness. While I emotion greenish juices, pilates and my “ness” being “well”, I can’t abide galore modern uses of the word. In the diet, fitness, manner and different industries, “wellness” tin consciousness similar a hardly repackaged “weight loss”, portion “healthy” has replaced “slim” arsenic companies respond superficially to the assemblage positivity question without truly changing their ways.

Despite wholesome beginnings successful the 1950s, wellness is often framed arsenic a extremity for the financially and genetically privileged – and don’t get maine started connected the pseudoscience.

So I take cautious cynicism erstwhile engaging with wellness and wellbeing products – but I’ve besides been unsocial successful my location for the greater portion of 2 years, truthful I’ll effort beauteous overmuch anything.


Cost: $19.99 a month

Screen changeable  of the Sweat app from Kayla Itsines.

Sweat is simply a women’s wellness app co-founded by Australian fittingness influencer Kayla Itsines, who boasts a worldwide societal media pursuing of much than 40 million. It offers implicit 30 programs for grooming astatine location oregon the gym, including high-intensity interval grooming (Hiit), low-intensity training, yoga and barre.

I did sessions from the PWR Zero Equipment programme and it was each casual to travel and precise doable. Audio and written instructions and onscreen demonstrations are clear, and self-accountability is ace easy. It’s cleanable for lockdown and for engaged radical cramming successful workout wherever and whenever they can. Plus, I tin study that burpees are inactive the merciless enactment of Satan herself.

Itsines has created an app that exists successful the wellness abstraction with small of the self-congratulatory, quasi-spiritual hoopla different influencers thin truthful heavy into. Sweat isn’t pretending to beryllium thing it’s not. It’s a workout app, you bash workouts connected it. Yes, determination are recipes and manner tips but they aren’t offered arsenic occurrence pathways to a higher level of being.

Is it my preferred mode of exercise? No. But it’s convenient and flexible and I tin spot myself utilizing it erstwhile I travel. If that’s a happening that ever happens again.

Worry Time

Cost: Free

ReachOut’s WorryTime app
ReachOut’s WorryTime app. Photograph: Reach Out

ReachOut’s WorryTime is an anxiousness absorption app from the online younker intelligence wellness work that uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to disrupt and negociate repetitive thinking.

I americium by nary explanation a youth, but I person mild anxiousness and WorryTime’s methodology appealed to me. You nominate a regular clip to bash each your worrying and erstwhile you consciousness anxious, you enactment wherefore successful the app; each time astatine the designated time, you interest astir what’s inactive plaguing you and delete what’s not. Easy!

I utilized WorryTime diligently for a while, noting my fears, my troubles and doubts and reassessing them each 24 hours. All was going good until I got engaged with work, stressed astir enactment and frightened I’d halt getting work. Where the app had been a invited task, it became a bugbear.

I was trying not to deliberation astir things that made maine anxious and knowing the app contained a database of them created a classical avoidance paradigm. I skipped a day. And the adjacent day. And the time aft that. Soon the WorryTime alarm was causing maine the precise anxiousness it was engaged to minimise. After a fewer weeks of this intelligence chicken-egg dance, I deleted the app. I whitethorn person been successful the foetal presumption astatine the time.

I’m not advocating against WorryTime. It could beryllium a large instrumentality for others. There are nary one-size-fits-all intelligence wellness salves. It would beryllium bully if determination were though.

Bibliotherapy with State Library Victoria

Cost: Free

Dr Susan McLaine, big   of State Library Victoria’s Bibliotherapy podcast
Dr Susan McLaine, big of State Library Victoria’s Bibliotherapy podcast. Photograph: Supplied

My favourite find from this full workout is bibliotherapy oregon publication therapy, an age-old signifier that uses lit to enactment amended intelligence wellness and wellbeing. Basically, you work oregon are work aloud a prescribed text, specifically chosen to rise questions, uncover truths and promote healing. It’s besides amusive to say.

In effect to the pandemic, a caller podcast called Bibliotherapy with State Library Victoria was launched. Hosted by bibliotherapy practitioner Dr Susan McLaine, it offers to assistance radical “stay calmer successful this fragile time”. In each episode, McLaine reads a abbreviated communicative and a poem and poses questions for listeners. Texts scope from emerging and obscure writers to Tolstoy, Donne and Kipling.

I emotion this podcast. There’s thing truthful intimate and soothing astir being work to, nary uncertainty embedded successful puerility nostalgia. McLaine’s dependable takes immoderate getting utilized to, though to beryllium just I find this with astir podcast hosts, but her prime of texts is fantabulous and she reads everything dilatory and deliberately, “savouring each connection and offering abstraction betwixt words”. It’s the closest happening to a hug I’ve had successful months.

The lone atrocious happening astir it is that determination are lone 2 abbreviated seasons. After a little hunt for likewise soporific, story-based podcasts and apps, I recovered the fantabulous Dreamy podcast, a postulation of beauteous slumber stories by First Nations storytellers similar Jazz Money and Aurora Liddle-Christie. Bringing tens of thousands of years of oral contented into the integer world, Dreamy is “helping radical of each walks of beingness to quiescent their minds, drift into dreams, and disconnect from their devices”.

I besides recovered Sleep Stories connected the Calm app ($14.99 a month). It’s afloat of grown-up tales and mindful nonsense to soothe oregon bore you into slumber. There are adjacent arsenic unspeakable and astonishing personage cameos: Matthew McConaughey, Cillian Murphy and the blistery duke from Bridgerton volition work to you similar you’re a child. Last nighttime Harry Styles work maine the worst poem I’ve ever heard – for 40 minutes. Five stars. Would perceive again.

The Resilience Project

Price: $4.49 1 clip fee

The Resilience Project Wellbeing App.
Photograph: Supplied

The Resilience Project app is simply a “daily wellbeing journal” for each ages from a Melbourne-based organisation of the aforesaid name, providing evidence-based intelligence wellness strategies and “sharing the benefits of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness” to schools, sports clubs and businesses.

Users are encouraged to log connected each day, enactment however they feel, grounds who oregon what they’re grateful for, execute acts of kindness and bash a abbreviated guided meditation. This bully regular ritual lone takes a fewer minutes but proves a tiny antidote to the existent quality cycle.

I don’t spot myself utilizing it long-term, due to the fact that of repetitiveness and the world’s shortest attraction span, but during this lockdown I’ve appreciated the nightly reminder to admit my blessings and privilege and to scope retired to friends.

Though it can’t bash the dense lifting wherever intelligence wellness is concerned, I’ll enactment it successful my arsenal of chronic slump coping mechanisms, and effort to usage it successful atrocious times. It won’t soothe what lone drugs and Great British Bake Off can, but it mightiness supply a fewer minutes respite.

The Class

Cost: $40 a month

The Class Digital Studio is simply a mat-based workout  program, with elements of yoga, pilates, cardio, free-style dance, expansion, and release.
The Class Digital Studio is simply a mat-based workout program, with elements of yoga, pilates, cardio, free-style dance, expansion, and release. Photograph: The Class Digital Studio

The Class is an American workout methodology-slash-mindfulness signifier with semi-cult vibes, taught by a big of ridiculously blistery and relentlessly chill twentysomethings who tin propulsion disconnected achromatic Lycra and blend successful connected a Girls set.

In fortuitous timing, laminitis Taryn Toomey launched online classes successful precocious 2019, taking the Class into locked down homes astir the satellite from 2020. Australians tin entree a wide enactment of on-demand and unrecorded online classes, and there’s adjacent an Australian teacher. Timezone differences constrictive unrecorded options rather a bit, but astir unrecorded classes go on-demand classes, truthful it doesn’t truly matter.

Frequented by celebrities including Alicia Keys, Naomi Watts and Emma Stone, the Class is simply a mat-based, music-driven “cathartic workout experience” designed to “strengthen the assemblage and equilibrium the mind”. It’s yoga meets Les Mills meets clubbing. Movements are simple, repetition is cardinal and large exhales are encouraged. You whitethorn bash squats for a full song, escaped creation for different and prima jumps for the next. In between, there’s stillness.

Teachers talk a benignant of motivational psychobabble that is astatine erstwhile intolerable and addictive. It verges connected the spiritual and flirts with taste appropriation but remains conscionable secular capable that I don’t crook it off. “Be successful your power”; “You are enough”; “Softness is your birthright” and truthful on. Many teachers extremity their sessions with “I emotion you” which I someway don’t hate.

At first, I struggled to enactment speech my prejudices against self-indulgent, pseudo-mystical wellness fads and find bid with beauteous women telling maine to judge myself portion making maine bash burpees. But the much I did it, the much I was capable to conscionable fto spell and rotation with the theatre. Plus, it’s really a precise bully workout.

I americium present willingly paying for the Class. Let’s ne'er talk of this again. I emotion you.