‘Atmospheric River’ Drenches Drought-Stricken California

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SAN FRANCISCO—A almighty atmospheric stream storm that swept done California acceptable rainfall records and helped douse wildfires. But it remained to beryllium seen however overmuch of a dent it made successful the state’s drought.

The upwind strategy weakened arsenic it moved southbound but inactive dropped capable rainfall Monday evening to origin mudslides that closed roads successful the San Bernardino Mountains northeast of Los Angeles.

The atmospheric stream storm, a agelong and wide plume of moisture pulled successful from the Pacific, came ashore successful Northern California implicit the weekend.

Drenching rains caused wide flooding and stone slides. Strong winds knocked down trees and toppled 2 large trucks connected the Richmond–San Rafael Bridge adjacent San Francisco. Pacific Gas & Electric reported that 646,000 homes and businesses mislaid power, though astir had it backmost by Monday.

By aboriginal Tuesday, airy rainfall and snowfall were inactive falling successful bluish parts of California and the lone remaining flood informing was successful Sonoma County northbound of San Francisco, wherever watercourse levels were dilatory to fall.

Despite the problems, the rainfall and upland snowfall were invited successful Northern California, which is truthful adust that astir each of it is classified arsenic either experiencing utmost oregon exceptional drought.

The bedewed upwind besides greatly reduces the chances of further wildfires successful a portion that has borne the brunt of different devastating twelvemonth of blazes successful the state.

The National Weather Service called preliminary rainfall totals from the tempest “staggering.” Four inches (10 centimeters) fell Sunday successful downtown San Francisco, making it the fourth-wettest time connected grounds for the city.

“It’s been a memorable past 24 hours for the Bay Area arsenic the long-talked-about atmospheric stream rolled done the region,” the section upwind bureau said Monday. “We virtually person gone from fire/drought conditions to flooding successful 1 tempest cycle.”

Northeast of San Francisco, 5.44 inches (13.82 centimeters) fell connected downtown Sacramento, shattering the one-day grounds for rainfall that had stood since 1880.

A flooded sign A flooded motion remains aft h2o had receded connected C Street successful San Rafael, Calif., connected Oct. 25, 2021. (Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal via AP)

Along the state’s cardinal coast, astir 5.4 inches (13.72 centimeters) of rainfall was recorded astatine California Polytechnic State University successful San Luis Obispo County. In Southern California, 1.1 inches (2.79 centimeters) fell successful Beverly Hills.

Interstate 80, the large road done the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Reno, Nevada, was closed by dense snowfall aboriginal Monday. In California’s Colusa and Yolo counties, authorities highways 16 and 20 were unopen for respective miles due to the fact that of mudslides, the authorities Department of Transportation said.

The aforesaid tempest strategy besides slammed Oregon and Washington state, causing powerfulness outages affecting tens of thousands of people. Two radical were killed erstwhile a histrion fell connected a conveyance successful the greater Seattle area.

Water levels astatine Lake Oroville, a large Northern California reservoir, roseate 20 feet (6.10 meters) implicit the past week, according to the state’s Department of Water Resource. Most of the summation came betwixt Saturday and Monday during the tallness of the storm, KHSL-TV reported.

Justin Mankin, a geography prof astatine Dartmouth College and co-lead of the Drought Task Force astatine the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said the rhythm of going from years-long drought to record-breaking downpours is expected to continue.

“While this rainfall is welcome, it comes with these hazards, and it won’t needfully extremity the drought,” Mankin said. “California inactive needs much precipitation, and it truly needs it successful precocious elevations and dispersed retired implicit a longer clip truthful it’s not hazardous.”

Christy Brigham, main of assets absorption and subject astatine Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, said the rainfall was a large alleviation aft the Caldor Fire torched an chartless fig of the elephantine trees successful the park, on with thousands of pines and cedars.

A upwind   surfer surfs A upwind surfer surfs successful the rainfall successful Long Beach, Calif., connected Oct. 25, 2021. (Brittany Murray/The Orange County Register via AP)

“This magnitude of rainfall is what we telephone a season-ending event,” Brigham said. “It should extremity occurrence season, and it should extremity our need—to a ample degree—to combat this fire.”

The Caldor Fire has burned for much than 2 months and successful aboriginal September prompted the unprecedented evacuation of the full metropolis of South Lake Tahoe, a large tourism destination. Firefighters present see the occurrence afloat contained. That presumption besides present applies to the Dixie Fire, the second-largest successful authorities past astatine conscionable nether 1,563 quadrate miles (4,048 quadrate kilometers).

Over the weekend, the California Highway Patrol closed a agelong of State Route 70 successful Butte and Plumas counties due to the fact that of aggregate landslides wrong the monolithic Dixie Fire pain scar.

Cal Fire, the authorities firefighting agency, did not state the wildfire play implicit oregon chopped staffing to little wintertime levels.

“We’d similar to spot immoderate much rainfall coming our mode earlier we look astatine reducing staffing,” spokesperson Isaac Sanchez said.

The semipermanent upwind forecast for California suggests drier-than-normal conditions, Mankin said.

“To extremity antithetic aspects of the drought, you are going to request a concern wherever parts of California get precipitation implicit the adjacent 3 months that’s astir 200 percent of normal,” helium said, adding that “despite this really, truly insane rainfall, the wintertime is astir apt going to beryllium drier than average.”

By Olga R. Rodriguez

The Associated Press