Australia Can Help to Stop the Evilest Crime on the Planet: Human Rights Lawyer

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It won’t instrumentality a batch for Australia to assistance halt 1 of the worst crimes connected this planet, David Matas, an planetary quality rights lawyer based successful Winnipeg, Canada, said astatine a rally by Falun Gong practitioners successful beforehand of the Parliament House successful Canberra connected Nov. 22.

Matas, on with precocious quality rights activistic David Kilgour, were jointly nominated for the 2010 Noble Peace Prize for their probe of the Chinese regime’s persecution and forced organ harvesting of practitioners of Falun Gong.

Falun Gong, besides known arsenic Falun Dafa, is simply a spiritual signifier that includes meditation exercises and teachings based connected the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. The accepted signifier dispersed rapidly crossed China successful the 1990s, with an authoritative estimation of 70-100 cardinal practitioners by 1999.

Fearful of Falun Gong’s popularity arsenic an autarkic ideology extracurricular the atheistic communist regime’s control, Jiang Zemin, the erstwhile person of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), launched a convulsive persecution successful July 1999 aimed astatine eradicating the signifier and its adherents, which continues today.

Epoch Times Photo Falun Gong practitioners from astir Australia held a bid of petitions successful Canberra, Australia. The photograph shows immoderate of the speakers successful beforehand of the Parliament House connected Nov. 22, 2022. (Xu Shengkun/The Epoch Times)

Advancing Australian Legislation to Ban Transplant Tourism

Matas said that portion determination had been a fig of statements made by parliamentarians supporting Falun Gong and opposing the persecution of this group, determination had been small to nary enactment from the Australian authorities to halt Australians from going to China for transplant tourism.

“Right now, if you termination idiosyncratic successful Australia for your organs, you tin beryllium prosecuted, but if you spell to China for an organ, and idiosyncratic is killed successful China for their organs, past you travel back, neither you nor the referring doctor, oregon the broker, oregon the advertizing oregon anybody progressive successful this is prosecuted,” helium said.

The Joint Standing Committee connected Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade recommended authorities connected the contented successful 2018. While the Morrison authorities agreed with the recommendation successful 2021. However, nary authorities has passed truthful far.

The section Falun Gong assemblage is presently pursuing up with the contiguous Australian authorities connected the recommendation.

AUSTRIA-CHINA-DEMO-ORGANS Adherents of Falun Gong reenact the forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience by the Chinese authorities astatine a protestation successful Vienna, Austria connected Oct. 1, 2018. (Joe Klamar/AFP via Getty Images)

The renowned quality rights lawyer noted that portion getting the Chinese authorities to alteration is precise difficult, what different countries tin bash is debar complicity.

“With what’s going connected successful China, [for] Australia, each these different countries that are extracurricular of China, there’s nary crushed we don’t bash thing with our transplants,” Matas said.

Nearly 10 countries person already legislated to prohibition their citizens from transplant tourism, including the U.K., Spain, Italy, and Israel, according to International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse successful China.

Australian-China Relations Won’t beryllium Affected

Matas’ sojourn comes astatine a clip erstwhile Australian Prime Minister Albanese met with Chinese person Xi Jinping astatine G20 and raised issues with Beijing, including the quality rights issues successful Xinjiang, the detention of Chinese-Australian nationals, and the imaginable removal of commercialized sanctions that person stopped $20 cardinal (US$13.5 billion) worthy of goods entering the China market, which was imposed successful effect to calls for an enquiry into the origins of COVID-19.

Foreign argumentation experts person urged the centre-left Labor authorities to absorption connected compelling the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to uphold quality rights and planetary rules astir trade.

Epoch Times Photo Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese meets China’s President Xi Jinping successful a bilateral gathering during the 2022 G20 acme successful Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, Australia, connected Nov. 15, 2022. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

“I spot the premier curate and authorities volition proceed to clasp the enactment connected cardinal quality rights and volition not h2o down and effort to justify, oregon crook a unsighted eye, to the gross violations perpetrated by the Beijing dictatorship,” erstwhile Liberal Sen. Eric Abetz, who served arsenic seat of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Epoch Times.

Asked if the Australian authorities tin walk the authorities portion maintaining commercialized with Beijing, Matas said the reply is yes.

“Because the authorities itself would not accidental China,” Matas replied. “We conscionable accidental it’s a genuine crime… As agelong arsenic authorities doesn’t notation China, I don’t deliberation the Chinese would adjacent care.”

Things Are Not Getting Better

The concern of forced organ harvesting is not getting amended successful caller years successful China, according to Matas.

“There’s a full concern complex,” helium said. “It’s benignant of similar an addiction … It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the wellness strategy can’t spend to suffer the money.”

In addition, Uyghurs, detained successful wide numbers since 2017, are besides present being targeted for the hideous crime.

“There’s a batch of shipments of organs retired of Xinjiang to the remainder of China.”

Australian: How Much is our Character Worth?

Andrew Richard, a disablement rights advocator who watched the rally connected Nov. 21, said the CCP’s transgression of forced organ harvesting is an unacceptable modern-day holocaust.

Epoch Times Photo Andrew Richards, a disablement rights advocate, said that the CCP’s unrecorded organ harvesting is “a modern-day holocaust.” (Wen Qingyang/The Epoch Times)

“We aren’t doing enough. The world is that quality rights violations happen. That’s the yardstick of what we tolerate,” helium said.

The campaigner called connected the Australian authorities to diversify its exports and not to sacrifice integrity for interests.

“If we’re going to tolerate unrecorded quality organ harvesting arsenic the terms for our exports, wherever bash we gully the line?” Richard asked.

“How overmuch is our quality worth? What is the terms that our quality tin beryllium bought disconnected for?”

Wen Qingyang contributed to this report.

Epoch Times Sydney Staff