Australia Covid live updates: Victoria pushes towards 80% vaccination target, while schools still face high closure numbers

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NSW records 296 caller cases and 4 deaths

The inclination continues of regular cases astir the 300-mark successful NSW, contempt the authorities having eased restrictions astir a fortnight ago.

NSW Health (@NSWHealth)

NSW COVID-19 update – Sunday 24 October 2021

In the 24-hour reporting play to 8pm past night:

- 93% of radical aged 16+ person had 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine
- 84.4% of radical aged 16+ person had 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine
- 66,740 tests

October 23, 2021

Victoria records 1935 caller cases, 11 deaths

Victoria could beryllium days distant from further freedoms, with the authorities racing towards its 80% vaccination target. But the precocious regular lawsuit numbers person forced hundreds of schoolhouse closures, resulting the authorities authorities reportedly readying a trial of accelerated testing.

The concern is reasonably unchangeable successful NSW and the ACT: manageable lawsuit numbers, and vaccination rates close wherever they privation them.

It is simply a small much analyzable crossed the remainder of the country: the different jurisdictions are comparatively Covid-free, and surviving without restrictions, but the vaccination complaint is lagging down those states and territories deed with delta outbreaks. In Western Australia, the wellness minster said yesterday helium was acrophobic astir vaccine hesitancy crossed the state.

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