Australia Defence Minister Urges France to ‘Move On’ and Focus on China

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The Australian Defence Minister, Peter Dutton has urged France to enactment speech “hurt feelings” implicit the cancellation of the submarine declaration and absorption alternatively connected the “great uncertainty with China successful our region.”

France has been upset since Australia abandoned its submarine declaration with it. French President Emmanuel Macron besides alleged that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison lied astir the cancellation of the contract. However, backstage substance messages from Macron to Morrison were leaked which refuted Macron’s claim.

This triggered what the French ambassador described arsenic a “new low,” successful relations though Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce justified the leak saying that Macron calling Morrison a liar was a bigger diplomatic issue.

Defence Minister Dutton said connected Thursday that it was clip for France to “move on” and “recognise that we’ve made a determination that is successful our country’s champion interests [to cancel the contract].”

“Nobody from Scott Morrison down is going to apologise for that,” helium said.

The Defence Minister besides said France’s existent aggravated absorption is “posturing” earlier adjacent year’s statesmanlike election, and with the determination instability caused by Beijing, France should absorption connected much important issues alternatively than dwelling connected the past.

Epoch Times Photo (L-R) Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton, Foreign Minister Marise Payne, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin airs for a radical photograph astatine the State Department successful Washington, DC, connected September 16, 2021. (Andrew Harnik/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

“The French person got an predetermination coming up successful April, you recognize each of that posturing,” Dutton told 2GB radio. “The Communist enactment of China has taken a peculiar people and we request to each enactment unneurotic to marque definite that we person bid and stableness successful our region.”

“Any blip successful narration to that, immoderate concern, wounded feelings, frankly, needs to beryllium enactment speech for america to ore connected the bigger issue, which is making definite that we support and support our country,” helium said.

Australia cancelled the submarine declaration with France and signed the AUKUS statement with the United Kingdom and the United States instead, which volition spot Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines with the assistance of the different 2 countries.

On the eve of the AUKUS agreement, Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg warned that Australia was connected the beforehand lines of strategical contention with China successful an situation of accrued planetary competition.

Frydenberg cited a study by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that Beijing utilized coercive tactics against 27 countries and the European Union 152 times betwixt 2010 and 2020, and that the communist authorities was expanding its power implicit home and overseas concern sectors.

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