Australia live news update: Gladys Berejiklian to front NSW Icac hearing; Melbourne, ACT lift more Covid restrictions

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Good greeting and invited to different unrecorded quality blog. Mostafa Rachwani with you today, and I’ll beryllium taking you done the quality for the archetypal fractional of the day.

We statesman successful Melbourne, wherever Covid restrictions volition beryllium eased again this evening, with masks nary longer mandatory outside, non-essential retail and gyms reopening and Greater Melbourne unfastened to question to the regions erstwhile again.

But concerns stay connected transmission, aft the authorities recorded 1,923 caller cases yesterday and 25 deaths, a grounds for regular deaths this year. All eyes volition beryllium connected lawsuit numbers today, specifically connected dispersed successful determination areas.

The ACT has besides eased restrictions from today, with astir each businesses reopening for the archetypal clip successful months, and with masks besides nary longer indispensable outdoors. Households tin person much visitors with restrictions connected venues besides lifted.

In NSW, each eyes volition beryllium connected erstwhile premier Gladys Berejiklian, who is owed to look earlier the Independent Commission Against Corruption. We’ll person a unrecorded blog going separately from 10am, and I’ll beryllium definite to nexus to it erstwhile it goes up.

Last night, the premier curate besides spoke to French president Emmanuel Macron, conscionable earlier helium leaves for Europe, with reports connected the speech differing depending connected who you spoke to. The French president seemingly told our premier curate helium “broke the narration of trust” erstwhile helium announced helium was scrapping a multibillion-dollar submarine contract.

Of course, we volition besides bring you the ongoing statement astir clime alteration successful our government, with emissions simplification curate Angus Taylor yesterday declaring helium would beforehand Australia arsenic a bully spot to put successful fossil substance projects astatine the clime alteration acme successful Glasgow. Should spell down sweetly.