Australia Moves to Protect Children From Increasing Social Media Harms

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The Australian authorities is seeking to instrumentality caller laws to support teens and children from societal media companies.

Announcing the draught authorities connected Oct. 25, Attorney-General Michaelia Cash and the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, David Coleman, said successful a joint media release that the landmark Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Online Privacy and Other Measures) Bill 2021, would support each Australians successful the integer age.

It volition besides alteration the instauration of a binding Online Privacy codification for societal media services, information brokers, and different ample online platforms operating successful Australia. This volition see societal media giants similar TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

“We cognize that Australians are wary astir what idiosyncratic accusation they springiness implicit to ample tech companies,” Cash said. “We are ensuring their information and privateness volition [be] protected and handled with care. Our draught authorities means that these companies volition beryllium punished heavy if they don’t conscionable that standard.”

All online platforms that are taxable to the codification volition request to comply with strict caller privateness requirements.

There volition besides beryllium importantly stronger protections around children with social media platforms being required to verify their users’ property and look to the child’s champion interests erstwhile handling children’s idiosyncratic information.

This volition see each platforms requiring parental consent for users nether the property of 16.

Coleman said that the caller provisions astir children were needed as there has been a accordant summation successful signs of distress and intelligence ill-health among young radical related to societal media usage.

“Young radical person told america this themselves,” Coleman said. “In a 2018 headspace survey of implicit 4,000 young radical aged 12 to 25, societal media was nominated arsenic the main crushed younker intelligence wellness is getting worse. And the caller leak of Facebook’s ain interior probe demonstrates the interaction societal media platforms tin person connected assemblage representation and the intelligence wellness of young people.”

“That’s wherefore this authorities is truthful important. It volition supply families with almighty protections and necessitate cardinal changes to the mode that societal media platforms run successful Australia,” helium said.

Social media elephantine Facebook said that they invited the announcement, The Australian reported on Oct. 25.

“We’ve been actively calling for privateness regularisation and recognize the value of ensuring Australia’s privacy laws germinate astatine a comparable gait to the complaint of innovation and caller exertion we’re experiencing today,” said Facebook’s manager of nationalist argumentation for Australia and New Zealand, Mia Garlick.

“We person supported the improvement of planetary codes astir young people’s data, similar the UK Age Appropriate Design Code. We’re reviewing the draught Bill and treatment insubstantial released contiguous and look guardant to moving with the Australian authorities connected this further.”

The comments by Facebook travel conscionable weeks aft allegations surfaced in the Wall Street Journal that Facebook was alert that its institution Instagram was harmful to young girls.

The allegations person resulted successful a bipartisan investigation by United States lawmakers Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) into Facebook.

“It is wide that Facebook is incapable of holding itself accountable,” the senators said successful the statement. “The Wall Street Journal’s reporting reveals Facebook’s enactment to beryllium focused connected a growth-at-all-costs mindset that valued profits implicit the wellness and lives of children and teens.”

Victoria Kelly-Clark