Australia news live: Novak Djokovic visa case tin court; children’s vaccine rollout begins; flooding claims life in Queensland

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Good greeting everyone!

It’s Matilda Boseley backmost connected platform for the archetypal clip successful 2022, and I travel to you contiguous from Queensland (not by prime – I’m successful close-contact isolation), which is wherefore I reckon we should commencement contiguous by talking astir the deadly floods that are affecting the state.

According to a spokesperson for the Bureau of Meteorology, tropical Cyclone Tiffany has strengthened to a class 2 tempest and is conscionable hours from making landfall successful far-north Queensland.

People betwixt Cape Tribulation and Coen, including Cooktown, should implicit preparations rapidly and beryllium prepared to structure successful a harmless place.

The cyclone (which formed successful the Coral Sea) is expected to transverse into Queensland betwixt Cooktown and the Lockhart River sometime connected Monday night, and communities person been told to expect upwind gusts of up to 130km/h arsenic the centre of the cyclone makes landfall.

After moving done far-north Queensland it’s expected to determination into the Gulf of Carpentaria connected Tuesday and intensify arsenic it moves towards the Northern Territory coast.

Of course, we besides request to chat astir Novak Djokovic, whose visa lawsuit volition beryllium heard successful national tribunal this morning, his lawyers challenging the rejection of his visa by Australian borderline unit officials.

In their entreaty papers sent to the court, they accidental the 34-year-old tested affirmative for Covid-19 successful December, and it was connected those grounds that they sought a aesculapian exemption that would let him to support his Australian Open crown.

But lawyers for the national authorities volition reason successful a proceeding that it had not fixed Djokovic immoderate assurance that his aesculapian exemption would beryllium accepted.

The Serbian has to await the result of this proceeding which volition find if he’s allowed to play for a 10th Australian rubric oregon whether helium volition beryllium deported.

And of course, finally, contiguous is the time that children aged betwixt 5 and 11 volition yet beryllium eligible for the Pfizer jab, with national wellness curate Greg Hunt insisting determination volition beryllium capable supply.

He insists determination volition beryllium 3m vaccine doses disposable implicit January for the 2.3 cardinal children who volition beryllium eligible for a jab, but absorption person Anthony Albanese said parents are anxious due to the fact that they can’t get appointments for their children.

Hunt conceded that arsenic determination are 8,000 vaccination points astir the country, each volition person a constricted fig of doses a day, and truthful not each kid volition beryllium capable to get the jab close retired of the gate. This is to marque definite radical successful agrarian and determination areas, non-English-speaking areas and little socioeconomic areas person the aforesaid access.

OK! What a morning, truthful wherefore don’t we leap close into the day.