Australia news live: Scott Morrison addresses world leaders at Cop26; RBA considers rate rise

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Turnbull says Morrison should person spoken with France astir adapting the aged submarine woody to see nuclear-powered options.

You know, erstwhile you’re dealing with radical honestly - and Scott Morrison did not bash that - you don’t driblet hints you really archer the truth.

What we should person done is look for atomic propulsion for submarines has ever been an enactment for us. You know, determination are each sorts of issues associated with it, but the slightest of which we don’t person atomic manufacture to enactment those subs. But what we should person had was an honorable and unfastened conversation. That’s what an honorable idiosyncratic would person done...

The French submarine that we were moving connected was really a atomic submarine, designed arsenic a atomic submarine by France and it was astatine Australia’s petition that it had accepted diesel-electric propulsion.

So the world is that each we needed to bash oregon Scott needed to bash was to beryllium honorable and open. And that’s precisely what Biden has implicitly criticised him for due to the fact that determination wasn’t that unfastened consultation.

'Shameful': Turnbull says Morrison should apologise to French president

Former premier curate Malcolm Turnbull has slammed Scott Morrison’s handling of the French submarine deal, stating that helium should apologise to French president Emmanuel Macron.

I deliberation Scott Morrison should apologise. Firstly, due to the fact that helium did precise elaborately and duplicitously deceived France.

You know, we had a narration of the deepest spot and assurance of France. France shared with america immoderate of their astir [priced] concealed exertion connected submarines. It was a concern betwixt 2 nations and it was the cornerstone of France arsenic Indo Pacific strategy, and to beryllium double-dealing that the mode Morrison did was shameful. I mean, Joe Biden has acknowledged.

You know, Morrison’s behaviour has done tremendous harm to Australia’s narration with France, to Americans relations with France, I mean, Biden - you tin ideate however overmuch Biden has enjoyed apologising for what has fundamentally been the behaviour of Mr Morrison’s contact.

Katharine Murphy

Scott Morrison has utilized his nationalist connection astatine the Cop26 to emphasise that Australia volition astir apt overachieve connected its 2030 emissions simplification people successful an effort to blunt planetary disapproval astir his government’s deficiency of clime ambition.

While the lead-up to the Glasgow acme was dominated by Morrison’s negotiations with the National party to onshore a nett zero committedness by 2050, the UN-led lawsuit is focused connected ambition for the 2030s.

Australia – portion of a bloc of large emitters and exporters astatine past weekend’s G20 acme successful Rome attempting to water down commitments successful the last communique to signifier retired ember – has been criticised for not expanding its ambition successful the captious decade.

Morrison utilized his set-piece code to the Glasgow league to archer his peers that Australia had submitted a caller nationally determined publication (NDC) noting that Australia’s emissions would “fall by 35% by 2030, acold exceeding our Paris commitment”.

You tin work the afloat communicative below:

Good greeting everyone, it’s Matilda Boseley present acceptable to leap into the day’s news.

Australian premier curate Scott Morrison has kicked disconnected his archetypal time of Cop26 successful Glasgow by telling the assembly of satellite leaders it volition beryllium scientists, not politicians, who travel up with the solution to clime change, and announcing an further $500 cardinal successful clime fiscal assistance to Australia’s Pacific and South East Asian neighbours, bringing its full committedness to $2 cardinal implicit the adjacent 5 years.

But the main headlines person stemmed from his effect to the French President’s accusation that helium lied astir Australia’s intentions to retreat from a $90bn diesel submarine deal.

I’ve got wide shoulders, I tin woody with that. But those slurs, I’m not going to bull sledging of Australia, I’m not going to bull that connected behalf of Australians.
I tin woody with immoderate radical propulsion astatine me. But Australia has a arrogant grounds erstwhile it comes to our defence capability.

This is absorbing due to the fact that I’m beauteous definite Macron was sledging Morrison, not Australia, but anyway!

A small person to home, economists accidental the Reserve Bank of Australia volition apt person to revise its complaint emergence timing fixed mounting grounds the system is recovering rapidly from lockdowns successful NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

A twelvemonth agone the RBA lowered its authoritative complaint to conscionable 0.1% with the volition not to rise it until 2024. But today’s committee gathering is nether unit to authorities if a erstwhile they expect to backmost down from this plan.

Oh well, with that, wherefore don’t we leap into the day!