Australia news live update: Frydenberg defends government’s record on Covid rapid antigen tests as free RATs become available to millions

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Individuals "hoarding" RATs is simply a large problem, says Joyce

While speaking to ABC vigor Deputy premier curate Barnaby Joyce has placed a important information of the blasted for the RAT shortage crossed Australia connected individuals hoarding tests.

When questioned astir this by big Patricia Karvelas, Joyce stated that helium needed to beryllium realistic and this was the reality.

I’m blaming the information that we person a microorganism retired there, that radical person been buying not what they necessitate but much than they need.

I’ll effort to bring you the nonstop quotes arsenic soon arsenic I can, but successful the meantime present is immoderate much of what the lawman premier curate has been saying.

We person 16 cardinal [tests] turning up by the extremity of the month...we person 70 cardinal connected bid ...

It is not arsenic if the tests aren’t there. The problems that Australia is experiencing is being experienced astir the world...

We don’t manufacture RATs similar different countries do, that’s an contented that you can’t, years ago, foretell RATs are going to beryllium the things you need, but what we are doing is making definite we woody with issues arsenic they travel along, that is what a competent authorities does

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Good morning

Good greeting everyone and invited to the caller week!

It’s Matilda Boseley here with you and wherefore don’t we commencement the time with immoderate accelerated antigen trial news?

From today, much than six cardinal Australians volition notionally person entree to escaped RATs astatine pharmacies. But I accidental “notionally” due to the fact that pharmacists accidental that the wide proviso shortages mean that it could beryllium borderline intolerable to conscionable demand.

Basically, earlier this month, erstwhile everyone was begging the national authorities to marque accelerated antigen tests escaped for each Australians, Scott Morrison met them halfway (a 4th way?) and announced concession paper holders would beryllium capable to entree up to 10 escaped tests from their section pharmacies.

The treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, has been retired and astir this morning, including connected ABC News Breakfast, attempting to quell fears astir the RAT proviso concatenation strain, reminding radical that they are (notionally) disposable astatine authorities investigating clinics arsenic well.

The radical who request them close now, who are either symptomatic oregon are a designated adjacent contact, tin spell to a authorities clinic.

With respect to those who privation to acquisition them done the pharmacy, immoderate pharmacies volition beryllium making them disposable arsenic portion of this archetypal program, which past gets expanded.

As you know, there’s large request for these accelerated antigen tests close astir the state and present successful Australia we’ve got much than 200m connected offer. The national authorities has provided much than 6m done the aged attraction sector. We’re providing much than 10m done the states to beryllium utilized successful their clinics. In Victoria, conscionable implicit 7m person arrived successful the past 2 weeks alone. There’s much proviso coming online.

I conjecture we volition person to hold and spot contiguous if that mentation truly chopped the mustard with the Australian public.

So, without further ado, wherefore don’t we leap into the day.

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