Australia news live update: Melbourne celebrates end of lockdown with beers and haircuts

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AAP reports its expected Victoria volition scrap quarantine requirements for afloat vaccinated Australians arriving from overseas, bringing the authorities into enactment with NSW.

According to respective media reports, furniture ministers met connected Thursday nighttime to motion disconnected the plan, which could travel into effect arsenic aboriginal arsenic 1 November.

Good morning, and invited to today’s unrecorded blog. I’m Josh Taylor and I volition beryllium taking you done the quality sum this morning.

I’m coming to you from Melbourne, wherever we person exited our sixth lockdown aft 72 days – 262 lockdown days successful full this pandemic. Melbourne has endured the longest lockdown successful the world.

The six reasons to permission location are nary longer successful spot and the curfew is yet gone. And arsenic we witnessed successful scenes crossed the metropolis astatine the timepiece struck 12 past night, radical tin present instrumentality to bars and restaurants and get haircuts successful constricted capacities.

You tin present person up to 10 visitors a time successful your home.

But it is worthy remembering it volition inactive beryllium a small portion earlier galore much restrictions are eased, with indoor retail, indoor amusement venues and gyms among those remaining closed until we scope 80% of the 16+ colonisation treble dose vaccinated, expected towards the extremity of adjacent week.

We volition bring you each the latest coming retired of Melbourne successful the adjacent fewer hours, positive we are besides keeping an oculus connected that Covid-19 lawsuit connected the Gold Coast announced yesterday, among different things.

Let’s get into it.

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