Australia news live update: Novak Djokovic leaves country, Australian surveillance flight to assess tsunami damage in Tonga

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Health curate Greg Hunt has told ABC Radio National connected “multiple occasions” the authorities has said they disagree with anybody anyplace with an anti-vaxxer sentiment - including, 1 would presume, members of cabinet.

RN Breakfast (@RNBreakfast)

Minister for Health and Aged Care @GregHuntMP says Novak Djokovic's aesculapian exemption "wasn't valid".

"The rules are precise clear. People tin participate if they're vaccinated oregon if they person a aesculapian exemption. He didn't person that... Prior corruption is not a valid aesculapian exemption."

January 16, 2022
RN Breakfast (@RNBreakfast)

"On aggregate occasions we've said we disagree with anybody anyplace with an anti-vaxxer sentiment."

- @GregHuntMP, Minister for Health and Aged Care

January 16, 2022

Home affairs curate Karen Andrews has appeared connected Sunrise this morning, discussing each things Djokovic.

She said “at each times, the authorities has acted successful the champion interests of Australians”.

I recognize that determination is simply a level of disorder retired determination successful narration to issues that spell towards visa exertion processes, but fto maine beryllium clear, applying for a visa and being granted a visa does not automatically springiness you the close to participate Australia. You besides person to conscionable the introduction requirements that use astatine that time, truthful I don’t person immoderate concerns with the process that was undertaken successful presumption of assessing the exertion for a visa, but we besides person successful spot a fig of introduction requirements, truthful anyone who is coming into Australia firstly has to person a valid visa but they besides person to conscionable the introduction requirements and that was the contented successful the archetypal instance.

Asked whether Djokovic whitethorn beryllium fto backmost successful wrong 3 years (currently, a prohibition is successful spot preventing him from returning to Australia wrong that timeframe), Andrews said:

The three-year set does use and volition beryllium successful spot but it tin beryllium dealt with astatine immoderate signifier successful the aboriginal but that is precise hypothetical and a agelong mode off.

In Tonga, it is hoped determination haven’t been wide casualties arsenic a effect of the volcano and tsunami, with a surveillance formation from Australia owed to permission ASAP.

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Minister for Pacific Zed Seselja has told AM archetypal accusation suggests the volcano eruption and tsunami hasn’t caused wide casualties successful #Tonga. Surveillance formation from Australia has been delayed owed to atrocious flying conditions but volition permission ASAP. #auspol

January 16, 2022

On to economics, and Frydenberg is asked astir a Business NSW survey that says 40% of 2,000 businesses don’t person capable currency travel to get done the adjacent 3 months. He says the Omicron variant is “another challenge”.

It’s a caller signifier of the microorganism and it’s a reminder that the pandemic is acold from over. So it is affecting user spending. It is affecting user and concern confidence. And we’ve seen a ample fig of workers who are absent from the workforce and that’s enactment existent unit connected our proviso chains. Now, the authorities has successful spot a fig of measures astatine some national and authorities level to assistance businesses and to guarantee that the proviso chains support going.

On the exigency unions gathering to beryllium held today, Frydenberg says the authorities has been moving with wellness professionals, the AHPPC and the main wellness serviceman connected the changed rules to isolation requirements for adjacent contacts successful a scope of sectors.

We request to support nutrient connected the shelves. We request the trucks to proceed to guarantee the deliveries. We request the abattoirs to support working. Indeed, we request h2o and vigor and telecommunications and different indispensable services to support going. We request our schools to unfastened astatine word 1 and to enactment unfastened ... truthful the system is simply a analyzable ecosystem and each spot is connected to the other. And we’re trying to equilibrium present a bid of objectives – not conscionable the wellness objective, but besides the economical objective. And what is perfectly wide from the wellness proposal is that portion Omicron is highly transmissible, it is little terrible and radical specified arsenic myself tin person the microorganism but not beryllium hospitalised and tin get done it aft those days required successful isolation.

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Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is backmost successful enactment aft being diagnosed with Covid-19. He is appearing connected ABC News Breakfast now, “on the mend” though acknowledging it “wasn’t a locomotion successful the park”:

It’s nary teddy carnivore picnic. I had the communal symptoms, acold sweats and headaches and assorted aches and pains. But it did walk and you know, it lingers a small spot – the fatigue. But fortunately, Omicron is 75% little terrible compared to Delta. And fortunately, you know, I had the vaccinations and the booster changeable arsenic well.

Asked astir the Serbian president’s accusations of “torture” of Novak Djokovic, Frydenberg says it was a “legal process” and “rules are rules”:

It doesn’t substance whether you’re Novak Djokovic and the fig 1 tennis subordinate successful the satellite oregon Betty from Utah. If you’re unvaccinated and you travel to Australia, you request to adhere to what are the Atagi guidelines, and the different conditions that are set. Now, Greg Hunt successful a precise wide missive explicitly acceptable retired what the conditions were to Tennis Australia backmost successful precocious November for tennis players to travel to Australia who were unvaccinated.

Now, Novak Djokovic did not conscionable those conditions. The eventual determination was near to the migration minister, Alex Hawke. He made that determination and that was upheld unanimously by a afloat tribunal of the national court. And that’s wherever it stands. But nary 1 is bigger than the Australian Open. Certainly nary 1 is bigger than the pandemic oregon nary 1 is supra the rules that we person successful spot astatine our borders that are helped to support america harmless done this pandemic.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

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Good morning,

After 11 tumultuous days, satellite tennis No 1 Novak Djokovic has been deported aft the afloat seat of the national tribunal upheld the Morrison government’s determination to cancel his visa connected the grounds of wellness and bully order.

Djokovic was owed to play his archetypal lucifer this evening but alternatively helium flew retired of the state precocious past night, bound for Dubai.

Caitlin Cassidy present to instrumentality you done today’s news, and portion Djokovic whitethorn nary longer beryllium with us, the fallout continues. Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić has lashed retired astatine Australia, arguing the tennis prima was treated similar a “mass murderer” portion successful the state and was “tortured and tormented” for his refusal to beryllium vaccinated.

Djokovic said helium was “extremely disappointed” by the determination and felt “uncomfortable” the absorption had been connected him successful the past fewer weeks alternatively of tennis.

Meanwhile, much than 30 national groups person called an exigency gathering contiguous to sermon ongoing workforce and proviso concatenation shortages hitting the nation.

They are calling connected the authorities to marque accelerated antigen tests escaped and accessible successful the aftermath of eased adjacent interaction definitions for a scope of sectors. ACTU president Sally McManus says the existent strategy has forced businesses to vie for the tests.

And disguise mandates person been reintroduced in Perth and Peel from contiguous arsenic Western Australian authorities pass they whitethorn not beryllium capable to incorporate an Omicron clump successful the state. Five caller Covid-19 cases were announced yesterday, with a fig of vulnerability sites listed passim the city.

There’s overmuch to get through, truthful let’s dive in.