Australia news live updates: NT to decide if Covid lockdown extended, Tim Smith won’t contest Victoria election after drunken crash

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Hello, and invited to the unrecorded blog for Sunday, 7 November. I’m Josh Taylor and I’ll beryllium bringing you each the quality this morning.

Yesterday, the premier minister, Scott Morrison, said Australia is connected way to “have 1 of the highest vaccination rates successful the world”, aft the vaccination complaint for radical aged 16 years and implicit reached 80% crossed the country.

The ACT is the highest astatine 94.8%, followed by NSW astatine 89.7%, and Victoria astatine 84%.

WA is astatine 66.2%, the NT is astatine 66.3%, Queensland is astatine 66.9%, South Australia is astatine 69.9%, and Tasmania is astatine 77.9%.

From Monday, radical who received their 2nd dose much than six months agone are eligible for booster shots. NSW Health has been offering booster shots since the commencement of the period but it volition beryllium extended to the remainder of the country.

In different news, the NT municipality of Katherine volition larn if its three-day lockdown volition extremity today, and the lockout of non-vaccinated radical successful greater Darwin volition besides extremity aft 3 cases person been detected successful the community.

Embattled Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith besides announced successful a midnight email to enactment members successful the spot of Kew that helium volition not contention the adjacent election.

The 38-year-old returned a enactment trial speechmaking of 0.131 – astir 3 times the ineligible humor intoxicant bounds – aft helium crashed into a car and a Hawthorn location connected the nighttime of 30 October, narrowly avoiding a child’s bedroom.

And successful Western Australia, the hunt volition resume astatine archetypal airy for a 57-year-old antheral reported missing astatine Port Beach successful North Fremantle wherever it’s feared helium whitethorn person been attacked by aggregate sharks.

All beaches successful the country person been closed.

Let’s get into it.