Australia news updates live: Victoria and NSW open border to allow ‘free travel’ for all

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Good greeting everyone, and we did it! We made it to Friday! But don’t commencement celebrating excessively soon, we inactive person a afloat time of quality to wade done earlier the play comes.

But ne'er fear, we volition get determination together. It’s Matilda Boseley on platform and let’s commencement with travel.

As of midnight past night, Victoria has wholly thrown unfastened its borderline to New South Wales, adjacent to those not afloat vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, and his NSW counterpart, Dominic Perrottet, issued a associated connection overnight making the announcement.

Travel betwixt the 2 states had already been unrestricted for the afloat vaccinated from Monday, but from 11.59pm connected Thursday, each remaining NSW and ACT orangish zones were downgraded to greenish nether Victoria’s question licence system.

The associated connection read:

This means, for the archetypal clip successful much than six months successful Victoria, each section authorities areas successful each states and territories crossed Australia volition beryllium greenish zones for the purposes of entering Victoria.

Andrews added:

Victoria and NSW person been done truthful overmuch implicit the past fewer months, and we’re pleased that much families volition present beryllium capable to reunite conscionable successful clip for Christmas and the vacation season

The alteration allows each travellers and workers to participate Victoria without immoderate investigating oregon quarantine requirements, including unvaccinated people, arsenic agelong arsenic they use for a licence beforehand to verify they are not Covid affirmative oregon adjacent contact.

Now the woody isn’t rather reciprocal conscionable yet. Fully vaccinated Victorians tin besides freely question into NSW unless they’ve been to a spot of precocious concern, but those implicit 16 who are not double-dosed inactive cannot for recreation oregon a holiday.

OK, without further ado, let’s get this Friday cracking wherefore don’t we.