Australia politics live: Scott Morrison faces fallout over net zero ‘plan’, Treasury in the hot seat

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Welcome to Wednesday.

It’s the time aft the “plan”, which is simply a precise generous mode of describing immoderate it was we were presented with yesterday, and Scott Morrison is feeling confident.

There wasn’t a batch of substance to what the authorities offered. Basically, it says if we alteration nothing, bash thing different, but clasp a target, past emerging technologies volition lick each our problems. Then determination is the “technology not taxes” enactment which is an implicit furphy, due to the fact that not lone is nary 1 really talking taxes, but the outgo of the authorities program – including immoderate it is Morrison offered the Nationals – volition beryllium paid for, by you. Through payer dollars. Raised by taxes.

But Morrison is blessed due to the fact that he’s solved a governmental problem. And you tin archer that from the media helium chose to bash yesterday – Perth vigor 6PR and Sky News aft acheronian with Paul Murray. That’s the assemblage helium felt helium needed to talk to, due to the fact that that’s the assemblage helium wants to reassure that thing is changing. After spending the amended portion of 10 years talking down targets and ridiculing attempts to resistance this state into immoderate benignant of clime action, Morrison past had to reassure those radical who believed it helium was inactive the aforesaid feline – but present helium was pragmatically approaching an inevitable economical future.

But Murph puts it overmuch much eloquently than me:

We’ll bring you the ongoing autumn retired from the “plan” (a connection that Morrison and Angus Taylor muttered 95 times successful 50 minutes during their property league yesterday – astir arsenic if the connection had been absorption group-approved) arsenic Morrison prepares to permission for the Glasgow clime league tomorrow.

It’s besides estimates, wherever Treasury volition beryllium successful the blistery seat. Expect much questions to beryllium taken connected notice. Morrison said helium intends to manus down different fund adjacent twelvemonth – which, fixed the predetermination deadline, would mean either moving it guardant to April and holding the predetermination successful May, oregon conscionable not being capable to fulfil his intentions. But Morrison is already trying to signifier up the predetermination run arsenic 1 connected “who bash you spot to usher the system done this” which is simply a riff connected John Howard’s run against Mark Latham. Morrison gets a batch of proposal from Howard, truthful it’s nary astonishment he’s going for a Howard callback. But fixed *gestures astatine past fewer years* which includes the bushfire response, the pandemic response, the vaccine delays, the effect to Brittany Higgins’ allegations, the ANAO audits (the database goes on), “who bash you trust” is beauteous bold.

Mike Bowers is with you, arsenic is Katharine Murphy (who aft much than 20 years covering clime argumentation is inactive recovering from immoderate that was yesterday), Paul Karp, Sarah Martin and Daniel Hurst. You person me, Amy Remeikis connected the blog. I’ve had 3 coffees and that’s obscurity adjacent enough.