Australia politics live update: Porter and Hunt to depart as parliament sits for final day of the year

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Some precise Adelaide quality from ... Adelaide. Former South Australia premier Jay Weatherill flew into municipality from his caller hometown of Perth. Unfortunately, helium brought Covid with him.

SA has been beauteous overmuch Covid-free, and bracing for it to travel successful aft opening the borders connected November 23. Who’d person thought it would beryllium the erstwhile authorities person carrying it? (NB: He wasn’t the first, but still...).

What’s more, Weatherill met with authorities absorption person Peter Malinauskas, truthful present authorities parliament has been adjourned (although Malinauskas has present had a antagonistic result. And Weatherill did a clump of media interviews and had meetings with SA’s movers and shakers, truthful interaction tracers person their enactment chopped retired for them. The ABC has immoderate much details here.

Good morning

We’ve made it. The past sitting time of the year. And what a year!

But there’s inactive a batch to get done earlier the radical fly parliament to spell retired into the summer.

We’re expecting wellness curate Greg Hunt to denote his resignation, which of people follows Liberal MP Christian Porter’s announcement he’ll discontinue yesterday. There’s a clump of different MPs, too, who are connected their mode retired (or onwards?).

Some late-ish quality from yesterday, successful lawsuit you missed it. Legislation for partial DNA donations passed – that’s the mitochondrial donation measure known arsenic Maeve’s law.

There’s definite to beryllium ongoing treatment of enactment favoritism commissioner Kate Jenkins’ study into parliamentary workplaces. Pressure volition beryllium kept connected premier curate Scott Morrison to act, and quickly.

And we’re acceptable for immoderate much palaver implicit spiritual discrimination. Some mean Liberal MPs person been brought implicit the enactment with precocious amendments but it whitethorn not beryllium capable to get the authorities through.

Stay tuned. Our governmental squad is each acceptable for this monster day. Mike Bowers volition bring you the ocular delights, portion Katharine Murphy, Daniel Hurst, Paul Karp and Sarah Martin are present to entertain and pass you. It’s Tory Shepherd connected the blog for now, with Amy Remeikis picking up aboriginal on. Hold connected tight!