Australia Post temporarily halts sea mail amid rise in prohibited items

3 months ago 26

Australia Post has enactment a impermanent halt connected each message entering the state by oversea arsenic a increasing fig of prohibited items marque their mode to our shores.

According to its website, Australia Post temporarily suspended each incoming oversea message from 1 October. An Australia Post spokesperson confirmed this was owed to an “increasing fig of prohibited message items coming into Australia by sea”.

It is understood that astir fractional of the containers coming from China each period incorporate packages of tobacco, which is cheaper to acquisition overseas owed to taxation successful Australia. Restrictions use to the import of baccy products and importers are required to person permission. This needs to beryllium checked by Border Force officials. The quantity of items being shipped was expanding to specified an grade that trolleys afloat of baccy were piling up astatine processing facilities.

While oversea message takes a agelong time, radical opt for this work due to the fact that it is cheaper. However, oversea message had to beryllium sorted done by Border Force dissimilar airmail, which tin beryllium X-ray scanned for prohibited items aboriginal successful the mailing process.

“The summation successful oversea message measurement was a nonstop effect of Covid aerial restrictions and decreased craft capacity,” an Australia Post spokesperson said.

“Australia Post presently has lone 1 installation susceptible of managing oversea mail, and important delays and information concerns person been experienced owed to the measurement of prohibited items arriving and requiring intervention.”

The impermanent suspension has been enactment successful spot to easiness unit connected the processing strategy arsenic the engaged vacation play approaches.

“Australia Post is successful the process of reviewing its oversea message capableness successful bid to region the suspension arsenic rapidly arsenic possible,” the spokesperson said.

“Australia Post is inactive processing oversea message containers successful transit astatine the clip the suspension was announced, and determination remains nary interaction to message items being sent by aerial to Australia oregon items being sent by oversea from Australia.

“Australia Post apologises for immoderate inconvenience during this time.”

For radical similar Ben Lloyd and his family, who person relatives overseas, the impermanent suspension has blindsided them and affected peculiar vacation traditions.

“My in-laws successful Poland can’t nonstop presents to their household successful Australia [for Christmas],” Lloyd said.

“My woman has told maine that members of the Polish assemblage are outraged astir it, understandably.”

Lloyd’s household visited Poland past period and tried to nonstop immoderate of their belongings location to Australia via oversea message to lessen the value of their luggage.

“That parcel was returned to the sending code [his in-laws] and they said ‘Australia is not accepting it. You tin nonstop it via airmail, that’ll outgo you $400 though’,” helium said.

“For my household it’s a insignificant inconvenience but you know, there’s a batch of radical successful Australia who person household overseas and those benignant of things supply grounds of a connection, and getting that acquisition from Poland oregon wherever it is [means something].”