Australian federal election 2022: Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison make last-minute campaign stop in Melbourne as Australia votes – live news

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Paul Karp

Paul Karp

On 3AW Radio, Scott Morrison said helium “won’t telegraph wherever he’s going”, but his bureau has already said he’ll beryllium successful McEwen and Chisholm today. He rattled disconnected different important electorates: Dunkley, successful the south-east and Corangamitein outer Geelong.
Morrison was asked astir Josh Frydenberg and didn’t perpetrate to driblet successful connected Kooyong, but spruiked the treasurer:

He’s afloat of beans , helium is indefatigable, Josh is afloat of vigor each the clip and afloat of passionateness and committedness for his section community. I mean, each of america person the accidental to service arsenic members of parliament and peculiarly successful the roles that Josh and I bash arsenic premier curate and treasurer due to the fact that of the fantastic enactment we get successful our ain communities ... he’s an outstanding section member, not conscionable an incredibly good treasurer. and Josh is specified an important portion of the government’s squad and the enactment and its aboriginal ... I promote radical to backmost successful Josh due to the fact that Josh backs successful his assemblage and helium backs successful Australia.

On the prime betwixt Labor and the Coalition, Morrison said:

[Australians are] Making a determination astir who they privation to tally the nation’s system and the nation’s finances due to the fact that that’s going to find their opportunities successful the years ahead. Because if you can’t negociate money, you can’t enactment Medicare, you can’t bash each the things that are necessary. We’ve invested $19.1 cardinal successful fixing our aged attraction system. All of this needs a beardown system down that. And we’ve demonstrated that we person that beardown economical plan, which puts downward unit connected rising involvement rates and rising outgo of living.

Paul Karp

Paul Karp

Scott Morrison is starting the time successful Melbourne, with trips to Labor-held McEwen successful the bluish suburbs and Liberal-held Chisholm successful the eastbound scheduled. Morrison said helium started the time with a prayer, waking up beside Jenny, his woman of 30 years.
Morrison’s archetypal interrogation was connected Sunrise, wherever helium gave a stump code astir the economical betterment from Covid - cheque this fact-check connected the bold assertion Australia’s betterment leads the precocious world.
Morrison was asked astir his debased support with women and whether it bothers him. He said:

No, look, I don’t instrumentality thing personally successful politics. I question to recognize however radical consciousness astir these things and this is an country wherever intelligibly I request to pass better.

Morrison past rattled statistic astir the sex wage gap, however women benefited from taxation cuts (although not arsenic overmuch arsenic men, it should beryllium noted) and different policies for women including the fund endometriosis package.
Asked astir his biggest regret, Morrison said:

Well, I’ve said it galore times. I privation we had been capable to militarise the vaccine rollout earlier and bring wide Frewen successful earlier. We got a fantastic wellness Department but that’s the happening successful the mediate of a pandemic, you don’t get everything close but erstwhile you don’t get everything close you get backmost successful determination and hole those problems and that’s what we are capable to bash with wide Frewen. What I’m hoping for successful the aboriginal and I judge volition beryllium the lawsuit is we are moving into a caller play of opportunity.

Josh Butler

Anthony Albanese is kicking disconnected Election Day successful Melbourne, giving a bid of greeting TV interviews from the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Asked astir polls and tonight’s result, helium said the numbers “indicate a plaything to Labor connected superior votes”, earlier diving into a bid of footy metaphors. He said:

I’ve said, passim my clip arsenic Labor person for 3 years, that we’d beryllium kicking with the upwind astatine our backmost successful the 4th quarter.

I’m present astatine the MCG, the 4th fourth is what matters and I anticipation to decorativeness up erstwhile the siren sounds astatine 6pm tonight.

Albanese added that the state could not spend 3 much years of the same, and urged voters to “give Labor a crack”.

Albanese volition clasp a media lawsuit this greeting successful the Liberal-held spot of Higgins, earlier returning to his location of Sydney to ballot himself. He is expected to clasp a property league astir midday.

You whitethorn person missed the effect of 2 polls released precocious yesterday that pointed to a Labor win.

Polls from Roy Morgan and the Australian’s Newspoll released precocious connected Friday showed a two-party-preferred ballot of 53-47 successful favour of the absorption – capable of a plaything towards Labor for it to assertion victory.

The Roy Morgan canvass predicted Albanese would look from the predetermination with a majority. The polling institution warned, however, that the precocious level of enactment for insignificant parties and independents meant determination was a beardown accidental its forecast bulk triumph for Labor would not beryllium confirmed tonight, arsenic preferences were distributed and postal votes counted.

The 2 polls travel Guardian’s Essential polling connected Wednesday pointing to a likewise slim but capable Labor lead.

Good greeting all, I’m Nino Bucci and invited to predetermination day! It has been a marathon campaign, but we’re present successful the stadium, completing the last lap.

Both candidates are starting the time successful absorption territory: marginal seats they anticipation to triumph successful bid to go premier minister.

Scott Morrison is starting his time successful Victoria, successful the marginal spot of McEwen, which is held by Labor’s Rob Mitchell.

Anthony Albanese is besides visiting polling booths successful Victoria archetypal up this morning, starting his time successful the marginal spot of Higgins, which is held by the Liberal’s Katie Allen.

We are expecting some candidates to bash a drawstring of media interviews earlier astir of you volition beryllium retired of bed, truthful enactment tuned for updates.