Australian IT Firm Wins $30M Deal to Manage Welsh Health Data

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An Australian IT steadfast successful Melbourne has been awarded a $30 cardinal (£15.9 million) declaration to negociate pathology information for the nationalist wellness work successful Wales successful the United Kingdom.

Citadel Health secured the woody contempt COVID-19 lockdowns and being connected the different broadside of the satellite by negotiating via video link.

The woody volition bring unneurotic the absorption of end-to-end diligent investigating for each subject crossed Wales making it the largest and astir inclusive azygous laboratory accusation absorption strategy successful the United Kingdom, Citadel Health said successful a statement.

It volition regenerate the existent 3 abstracted systems with the Evolution vLab Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software.

The company’s wide manager Stephen Lynch said getting trial results rapidly and accurately was indispensable for clinicians and patients to allow them to marque timely decisions astir treatments and yet supply the champion imaginable outcomes.

“Our cutting-edge exertion provides a unified pathology workflows to assistance radical now, and into the future, arsenic caller tests and services are developed to conscionable increasing demands,” helium said.

The IT strategy volition instrumentality 2 years to build, replacing 3 existent platforms successful usage successful Wales.

When finished, it volition negociate the information from much than 35 cardinal tests carried retired by the Welsh wellness work and will beryllium the largest azygous laboratory accusation strategy successful the UK, linking hospitals, labs and GP clinics.

“This is thing we’ve been doing for implicit 20 years successful Australia,” Lynch said.

The Melbourne steadfast has decades of acquisition providing its services crossed the magnitude and breadth of Australia, moving successful distant and determination locations.

Pathology information and results underpin astir 70 percent of each diagnoses successful Wales but the country’s increasing and ageing colonisation is putting unit connected wellness services.

“For clinicians and patients alike, getting trial results arsenic rapidly and accurately arsenic imaginable is indispensable to let them to marque timely decisions astir treatments,” Lynch said.

The caller strategy is expected to heighten objective decision-making, laboratory operations, and prime of attraction crossed each laboratory, infirmary and GP country successful Wales.

It is besides expected to amended the prime and velocity of diagnosis for patients, reducing the request for repetition investigating and giving patients entree to the champion pathology services disposable successful Wales, wherever they are based.

AAP contributed to this report.

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