Australian Mining Giant Fortescue Expands Green Energy Into PNG

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Mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s Fortescue Future Industries plans to make much than a twelve hydropower and geothermal vigor projects in Papua New Guinea.

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortescue Metals Group has signed an statement with the PNG authorities to look astatine the feasibility of up to 7 hydropower and 11 geothermal vigor projects.

They would beryllium utilized to make renewable energy for the improvement of greenish hydrogen and ammonia.

Fortescue Metals Group expects this to make a important home and export manufacture for a state that relies heavy connected imported oil.

“These projects volition wholly alteration PNG to go a person successful the world’s renewable vigor transition,” Fortescue’s seat and laminitis Forrest said.

“We are committed to ensuring PNG’s communities payment from maturation and improvement done these projects, including training, employment and concern improvement opportunities.”

The institution anticipates the projects, erstwhile completed, could nutrient up to 2.3 cardinal tonnes of greenish hydrogen a year.

Forrest, who attended the COP26 clime acme successful Glasgow, champions hydrogen produced utilizing renewables arsenic portion of the reply to planetary warming.

He has inked deals with assorted countries and is besides investing successful the manufacture with the New South Wales and Queensland authorities governments.

Australia has committed to trim emissions to nett zero by 2050, with a program that is underpinned by exertion development.

While astatine COP26 successful Glasgow, Prime Minister Scott Morrison told satellite leaders that the swift invention of COVID-19 vaccines provided origin for optimism that scientists and different experts tin invent the technological solutions needed to combat climate change by achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“It volition beryllium our scientists, our technologists, our engineers, our entrepreneurs, our industrialists, and our financiers that volition really illustration the way to nett zero,” he said. “And it is up to america arsenic leaders of governments to backmost them in.”

The premier curate spoke of Australia’s program to execute a decarbonised system done low-cost cleanable exertion that doesn’t contradict people, particularly successful processing economies, their livelihoods oregon the accidental for a amended prime of life.

“Cleaner exertion solutions indispensable outcompete existing technologies if they are to beryllium palmy everywhere, and particularly truthful successful processing economies,” helium said.

“This needs to enactment not conscionable successful the developed economies of the North Atlantic, but successful the processing economies of the Indo-Pacific arsenic well.

“Raising the outgo of vigor conscionable impacts connected those who tin spend it least,” helium said.

By Georgie Moore. Epoch Times newsman Caden Pearson contributed to this report.



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