Australian Professor and COVID-19 Vaccine Developer Could Lose Job After Refusing Shots

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Australian prof and vaccine developer Nikolai Petrovsky faces losing his occupation aft refusing to get 1 of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)-approved shots, the ABC reported.

Petrovsky developed his own COVID-19 vaccine, called COVAX-19, done his company Vaxine, which has laboratories astatine Flinders University. It completed signifier 1 trials successful August last twelvemonth and the Adelaide-based aesculapian researcher has administered the vaccine himself.

However, helium present risks losing his occupation because, arsenic of Nov. 1, workers successful wellness attraction settings including some nationalist and backstage hospitals indispensable show proof of astatine slightest 1 COVID-19 vaccine to proceed working, arsenic per a government mandate.

While Petrovsky said helium is seeking an exemption to the mandate, helium claimed helium has received a “threatening” missive from Flinders Medical Centre, which is co-located with the university’s aesculapian probe labs, stating that helium volition beryllium suspended from his relation if helium does not person a TGA-approved vaccine.

“It says that arsenic of yesterday each payments volition beryllium suspended and that my presumption itself volition beryllium considered to beryllium made redundant if I don’t taxable to having 1 of their vaccines,” helium told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“But evidently nether the existent mandates I don’t suffice to beryllium capable to work. I’m waiting to perceive whether SA Health volition assistance an exemption oregon whether I’m retired of a job,” Petrovsky added.

Petrovsky administered his own COVAX-19 vaccine, which is based connected a protein produced successful insect cells, and said helium does not privation to person immoderate different dose, citing information concerns.

“That could beryllium precise unsafe to do. There is nary information connected what would hap if you had a afloat people of 1 vaccine and past had different people of different benignant of vaccine,” helium said. “Normally you would person to bash objective trials to found the information of that approach,” Petrovsky added.

The prof noted that it “would beryllium a small antithetic if we had idiosyncratic else’s vaccine alternatively than person the 1 we’ve developed ourselves.”

Frank Pangallo, a subordinate of the South Australian Legislative Council, took portion successful the COVAX-19 proceedings successful Adelaide past twelvemonth earlier going connected to person his archetypal AstraZeneca shot, according to the ABC.

Pangallo said helium had had nary adverse affects aft having some the COVAX-19 jab and the AstraZeneca one.

vaccine Vials labelled “AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, and Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine” successful this illustration representation taken connected May 2, 2021. (Dado Ruvic/Illustration/Reuters)

A spokesperson for Flinders University told the ABC successful a connection that, “Professor Petrovsky done his backstage institution Vaxine has been processing a vaccine which is not presently approved for usage successful Australia.”

“We enactment that the TGA is giving ongoing information to its approved vaccine list,” the spokesperson said.

They added that portion Petrovsky’s world presumption is with Flinders University, helium is employed by the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) and that, “as specified we cannot remark connected questions of employment.”

“Flinders University is committed to pursuing the requirements of wellness authorities and Emergency Management Directions successful narration to COVID-19,” the connection read, according to the ABC.

The Epoch Times has contacted Flinders University for comment.

Last month, Petrovsky said his COVAX-19 jab was “effective against Delta successful signifier 3 trials” and had been approved successful Iran but had failed to person enactment from the Australian government, noting wide differences betwixt the Australian and United States’ effect to vaccine developments.

“Fabulous safety. But nary enactment from our govt. WarpSpeed gave US vaccine developers a cardinal dollars each. We are relying connected assemblage funding,” helium said connected Twitter.

Petrovsky antecedently claimed that his vaccine was not receiving backing from the authorities due to the fact that helium was not paying them “millions of dollars” to usage it.

Speaking successful October, Petrovsky said that authorities ministers had told him, “You’re simply not paying millions of dollars to the Liberal Party’s lobbying firms that are intimately associated with the party, and those lobbying firms are being paid millions of dollars by Pfizer and AstraZeneca and unless you’re prepared to lucifer that, and money these Liberal-associated lobbying companies, your vaccine is ne'er going to get supported by the existent Australian government.”

The Epoch Times has contacted the Australian government’s Department of Health for comment.

Last week connected Oct. 28, Petrovsky besides expressed doubts implicit the existent approved vaccines, and said helium is 1 of galore vaccine developers who stock the aforesaid thoughts.

“Because I’m passionate astir vaccines—you know, obviously, it’s hard erstwhile I person to say—as a vaccine developer, I americium not afloat assured astir what’s happened implicit the past 18 months. I americium not the lone vaccine developer successful the satellite who is highly uncomfortable close now,” helium said during a public treatment on mRNA technology.

“We person a concern wherever we person immoderate precise caller technologies, successful their infancy, and that is the mRNA vaccines, which are the lone ones you are being forced to person to stay successful employment … I can’t archer you whether determination volition beryllium a broadside effect successful 10 years from the mRNA vaccine oregon determination won’t be, nary 1 tin … In truth, nary idiosyncratic can, truthful if they can’t, however tin they mandate thing which has that level of uncertainty astir it?” Petrovsky said.

The prof besides confirmed that helium volition not beryllium “in his role in the aesculapian centre connected Monday” due to the fact that helium had not agreed to person 1 of the TGA-approved shots.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasn’t reported immoderate semipermanent broadside effects from the approved COVID-19 vaccines, noting that they person undergone and volition proceed to acquisition the astir intensive information monitoring successful U.S. history.

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