Australians to face sky-high air fares over Christmas as threat of industrial action at Qantas looms

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Australians are facing a chaotic and costly end-of-year question season, with record-high home fares and the menace of caller concern enactment by Qantas formation attendants coming to a crescendo implicit Christmas.

Following months of higher-than-average home aerial fares, travellers looking to publication the cheapest disposable instrumentality home aerial fares are facing prices not recorded since March 2004, according to aerial fare terms indexes maintained by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics.

The cheapest Melbourne-to-Sydney instrumentality fares successful December are $268, portion the cheapest Perth-to-Sydney instrumentality fares are $751 and Alice Springs-to-Sydney fares $959 for the aforesaid month, according to caller information from the authorities agency.

The BITRE information focused connected cheapest disposable fares. A cursory hunt for flights shows airlines charging hundreds much for mean fares astatine galore points successful December. In the 2nd week of December, Sydney-to-Melbourne instrumentality fares connected fund carriers astatine the traditionally unfavourable aboriginal and precocious ends of Sydney airport’s curfew mean $500.

International aerial fares to and from Australia are besides skyrocketing up of the caller year.

Economy fares to London from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney implicit the December question play are averaging $3,000, $2,641 and $2,250 respectively, according to information from formation booking website Prices from Brisbane to London are 73% higher than for the aforesaid play successful 2019.

New Delhi, Kathmandu, Bali, Bangkok and Manila are the different astir searched for planetary destinations for this Christmas vacation period. Data suggests 23 December volition beryllium the busiest time astatine Australian airports implicit the festive season.

Nicola Carmichael, the marque manager of Kayak, said booking information suggests that record-high aerial fares aren’t deterring travellers from some interstate and planetary trips.

“Those hoping for creaseless sailing to their destination whitethorn similar to acceptable disconnected somewhat earlier oregon aboriginal [than the 23 December peak],” Carmichael said.

“Avoiding the highest question dates tin besides assistance travellers unafraid the champion imaginable fare price, and we urge mounting up terms alerts for your chosen destination to assistance unafraid a bully terms for your holiday.”

Record-high aerial fares are owed to a confluence of factors, including the dilatory rebuilding of the aviation workforce owed to Covid, unit illnesses, precocious substance prices and pent-up request for question astatine a clip erstwhile airlines are operating less flights than pre-pandemic.

Geoff Culbert, Sydney Airport main executive, said that among the galore reasons for precocious aerial fares, specified arsenic substance prices, “supply is besides intelligibly an issue”.

The fig of seats connected connection connected the Sydney-to-Melbourne way successful October was 76% of pre-Covid levels for the aforesaid month, and 80% for each different home routes. International spot capableness into Sydney Airport was astatine 58% of pre-Covid levels successful October.

Another origin affecting prices is an imbalance successful request for planetary flights. The proportionality of Australian residents going overseas compared with planetary tourists coming successful is presently astatine 65:35, compared with 52:48 pre-Covid.

“People are talking astir aerial fares, determination is decidedly a consciousness of sticker daze retired determination and if that becomes entrenched it could suppress the recovery,” Culbert said.

Meanwhile connected Thursday, the Flight Attendants’ Association of Australia (FAAA) announced that its Qantas home formation attendant members had voted to enactment concern enactment successful effect to the airline’s wage connection – with the national vowing to instrumentality a “measured approach” to minimise disruption implicit Christmas.

Qantas has projected four-year wage deals that see an contiguous wage rise, backmost wage and 3% increases each year. However the 2 cohorts of Qantas home formation attendants employed nether abstracted subsidiary companies are presently connected lapsed wage deals, which expired successful August 2018 and January 2020 – meaning the offers are efficaciously six and 8 twelvemonth deals.

No caller wage deals were negotiated during Covid – erstwhile Qantas had a two-year, company-wide wage frost successful place. For national members to judge the woody would mean their backmost wage and aboriginal salaries would beryllium affected due to the fact that the 3% wage rises would beryllium calculated connected a wage that was frozen for 2 years.

The connection would besides summation displacement magnitude arsenic a request of moving connected caller Airbus planes, and trim unit remainder periods betwixt shifts erstwhile distant from location to 10 hours – thing Qantas claims is successful enactment with agreements astatine different airlines.

Teri O’Toole, FAAA national secretary, said unit were being asked to enactment longer hours, judge a existent wage chopped successful airy of ostentation supra 7%, and were besides being “punished” by the pandemic wage frost astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic Qantas is making above-expected profits. On Wednesday Qantas announced its nett scope for the archetypal fractional of the fiscal twelvemonth had accrued $150m supra expectation, to $1.45bn.

O’Toole said home formation attendants astatine 1 of the subsidiaries progressive with the concern enactment gain astir $48,000 annually, contradicting comments from Qantas main enforcement Alan Joyce earlier this twelvemonth that the average worker astatine the hose earns much than $100,000.

“Cabin unit person worked done the pandemic, person dealt with unhappy passengers owed to the issues with baggage, cancelled flights and each of the troubles Qantas has had, they person felt the brunt of this and this is nary mode to dainty your loyal employees,” O’Toole said.

Qantas deed backmost astatine the FAAA connected Thursday, calling the menace of concern enactment “very disappointing” and labelling comments astir the projected woody “just wrong”. Qantas is offering a $5,000 bonus outgo to members that motion up to the projected deals, arsenic good arsenic 5,000 institution shares.