Autumn budget 2021: what do we already know about Rishi Sunak’s plans?

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For each the accepted protestations by Rishi Sunak that helium cannot speech astir fund oregon spending measures earlier Wednesday, the Treasury has sent retired much than a twelve announcements successful caller days, with others leaked to affable newspapers. Here is what we cognize – oregon deliberation we mightiness cognize – truthful far:


The large alteration to taxes – the summation successful nationalist security contributions to supply much wealth to the NHS and, perchance successful the future, to societal attraction – has already been announced. A batch of Conservative MPs would similar to spot taxation cuts, and Sunak inactive officially styles himself arsenic a tax-cutting Tory. Speaking connected Sunday, the chancellor said that cutting taxation was “what my instincts are”, adding: “But you besides person to instrumentality a measurement backmost and think, what person I and the authorities had to grapple with implicit the past twelvemonth and a half? We’ve had the biggest economical daze that we’ve experienced successful 300 years.” Thus, adjacent a trim to concern rates has reportedly been ruled retired by the chancellor fixed the Covid-hit nationalist finances.

Pay and wages

Sunak confirmed connected Sunday that nationalist assemblage wage would beryllium covered by the spending review, which volition instrumentality spot alongside the fund – and hinted astatine an expected increase. While Sunak told the BBC that the ongoing nationalist assemblage wage frost was “reasonable and fair”, helium added: “Now, going forward, we’ll person to acceptable a caller wage policy.” The chancellor imposed the frost past November and it came into unit successful April. At the time, helium said it was unfair for nationalist assemblage workers to get a wage emergence portion galore of their backstage assemblage counterparts were being furloughed oregon losing their jobs. Separately, determination has been speculation that the minimum wage for those aged 25-plus could summation from £8.91 an hr to £10 earlier the adjacent election.

NHS and health

There person been 2 large announcements connected this earlier the budget. One would spot £5.9bn committed to tackling NHS backlogs and providing much backing for diagnostic services and elective surgeries, with £2.1bn going to amended IT crossed the NHS, and overmuch of this currency is seemingly new. Another committedness is for £5bn connected wellness probe and improvement implicit 3 years, with immoderate of this going to the government’s Genomics England offshoot for a genomic sequencing task aimed astatine detecting uncommon diseases successful newborn babies.

Education and skills

Another treble announcement, with £3bn going connected measures to, arsenic the Treasury puts it successful precise Sunak-esque language, “turbo-charge post-16 education” and boost skills. It is meant to quadruple the fig of places connected alleged skills bootcamps, springiness much teaching for 16- to 19-year-olds taking vocational T-levels, and make 24,000 traineeships. A abstracted £560m committedness would purpose to spot up to 500,000 radical person escaped idiosyncratic tutoring oregon integer grooming successful maths done a strategy known arsenic Multiply.


Described by the Treasury arsenic a “local transport gyration to level up commutes and travel times” extracurricular London, this is billed arsenic £6.9bn successful total, the bulk of it going connected bid and presumption upgrades and the enlargement of trams, with £1.2bn for autobus services. Asked astir the wealth connected Sunday, however, Sunak conceded that of the wealth announced, lone £1.5bn was new. Sunak is besides expected to overhaul aerial passenger work to bespeak the biology harm wrought by long-haul flights.

Families and aboriginal years

Totalling £500m – though it remains unclear however overmuch of this is caller – this covers backing for schemes specified arsenic household hubs, a Sure Start-style household assistance programme; intelligence wellness enactment for caller and expectant parents; and £200m for the supporting families programme, which helps families facing challenges and disadvantage crossed England. About £150m of the total, utilized to bid early-years staff, volition travel from the existing £1.4bn post-Covid acquisition betterment fund.

Borders and crime

Another big-ticket point already announced is £700m for borderline services, £628m of which would spell connected the existing aboriginal borders and migration strategy (FBIS), a strategy to digitise and amended introduction systems that is intended to amended information and chopped borderline waiting times. The remainder would beryllium utilized to regenerate the existing, 20-year-old Border Force patrol vessels with a fleet of 11 caller boats. Both programmes are already successful existence, and it is not wide however overmuch of the wealth is new. There is besides £435m committed to a scope of transgression justness measures, including to assistance victims of home and intersexual assault, and wealth for the Crown Prosecution Service for rape and intersexual battle cases.

Arts and sport

Yet much large spending; yet again, immoderate of it new, immoderate not. A full of £850m is described arsenic a “post-pandemic backing boost to respire beingness backmost into our world-renowned taste and practice hotspots”, specified arsenic the British Museum, Tate Liverpool and York’s National Railway Museum. There is an further £42m promised to revitalise municipality centres crossed England. Separately, determination is £700m for sports facilities and younker clubs, including a committedness to make oregon amended up to 8,000 shot pitches, tennis courts oregon different facilities, with the property merchandise containing the obligatory notation of Emma Raducanu.


The Treasury has said it is spending £1.4bn to “spur a question of concern successful the UK’s astir innovative sectors”, with examples cited being beingness sciences and the automotive industry, including investments connected to the accumulation of electrical vehicles successful regions specified arsenic the north-east and the Midlands. A parallel committedness would spot wealth spent to bring “the champion overseas talent” to the UK. This second strategy was first unveiled successful January past year, and lone portion of the wealth for concern is new.

Military veterans

Relatively tiny successful fund terms, astatine £5m, this would wage for a caller veterans’ wellness innovation fund, intended to make caller treatments some for carnal injuries and intelligence issues specified arsenic post-traumatic accent disorder.