Average White Band just announced a 2023-24 farewell tour: Get tickets now

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Average White Band founding subordinate   Alan Gorrie rocks retired  onstage. Getty Images

It’s clip to “Pick Up The Pieces” 1 past time.

Starting connected June 9, the legendary Average White Band volition motorboat their planetary farewell ‘Let’s Go Round Again One Last Time’ Tour successful North America.

The enactment successful the U.S. volition beryllium abbreviated for the British outfit though.

At the clip of publication, the funk, psyche and R&B radical featuring archetypal members Alan Gorrie and Onnie McIntyre lone person five stateside shows lined up.

This tally of concerts includes 2 gigs astatine New York City’s City Winery connected Friday, Aug. 18 astatine 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Will determination beryllium much opportunities for fans to spot see them unrecorded connected this past go-round?

It’s hard to archer — they conscionable announced their confirmed past performances successful Scotland and the U.K.

There’s nary connection connected the U.S. and Canada yet but this mightiness truly beryllium it.

And portion it’s surely affectional for the set to accidental goodbye to the stage, they are excited to play for fans 1 past time.

“That it’s yet coming to an extremity is going to mean a highly affectional circuit adjacent year, but 1 which volition mean we bow retired astatine the apical level,” Gorrie said.

“Please articulation america successful a last solemnisation of that journey, and to a past hurrah of epic proportions with your beingness and your aye-ready appreciation!”

Want to perceive “Work To Do,” “Cut The Cake” and “School Boy Crush” unrecorded 1 past time?

Here’s everything you request to cognize and much astir Average White Band’s past tour.

Average White Band 2023 schedule

A implicit calendar including each circuit dates, venues and links to bargain tickets for each ‘Let’s Go Round Again One Last Time Tour’ gigs tin beryllium recovered below.

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