Aviation Workers Urged to ‘Hold Their Ground’ and Sue Employers Over Vaccine Mandate

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Speakers astatine a meeting opposing COVID-19 vaccination mandates in Tusla, Oklahoma, connected Oct. 26 told aviation and aerospace workers to “hold their ground” and writer employers who occurrence them for being unvaccinated.

Roughy 100 radical attended the gathering astatine Hope Community Church wherever Broken Arrow Republican Mark Sherwood, Republican State Rep. Wendi Stearman, a local certified nationalist accountant, and an technologist for a section aerospace institution were among those speaking, according to Tusla World.

On Sept. 9, President Joe Biden announced sweeping measures that absorption connected the national government, the wellness attraction sector, and backstage businesses. Federal workers and national contractors volition beryllium required to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Contractors person until Dec. 8 to mandate their employees to get the shot. Federal contractors can’t let their employees to opt out.

Speakers provided those successful attendance connected Tuesday with guidance regarding the compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations and urged them to basal their crushed and seek spiritual and aesculapian exemptions from the shots.

“I taxable to you this is simply a large crippled of chicken, and it’s waiting connected you to blink,” said Sherwood, reported Tusla World.

“We judge that God made america successful his image. We judge that God besides made the immune strategy successful his image, arsenic well,” Sherwood continued, adding that radical “don’t person to dice from COVID and you tin unrecorded successful religion and you don’t person to unrecorded successful fear.”

Sherwood noted that “we are not anti-medicine oregon anti-vaccine” but that “this concern has been rushed.”

“It’s been rushed and sped up to the constituent wherever probe has not caught up with clip and clip has not caught up with research,” helium said.

State Rep. Wendi Stearman besides urged assemblage members to question spiritual oregon aesculapian exemptions and to writer companies that fired workers, telling them that “the subject does not marque sense.”

“What we are facing close present is simply a spiritual battle. We are successful a worldwide conflict betwixt bully and evil,” she said.

Stearman encouraged the assemblage to “make them occurrence you all” and writer them connected grounds of spiritual and aesculapian discrimination.

The Epoch Times has contacted Sherwood and Stearman for comment.

James Williams, president of the United Aerospace Workers (UAW) Local 952, said helium felt arsenic if the “government is overreaching” regarding the mandate.

UAW Local 952 and Transport Workers Union Local 514 correspond workers at American Airlines-owned Tech Ops-Tulsa and Spirit AeroSystems, which are 2 of Tulsa’s largest employers.

Both companies person said they volition comply with the vaccine mandate, according to Tusla World.

Multiple airlines have mandated vaccines for employees, with United Airlines being the first U.S. bearer to bash so, announcing the mandate successful August. United Airlines confirmed connected Sept. 29 that it was going to terminate 593 of its employees who person chosen not to comply with the company’s vaccine mandate.

American Airlines told workers successful an email connected Oct. 6 that they person to beryllium afloat vaccinated by Nov. 24 oregon look termination while Southwest Airlines (SWA) besides announced it volition necessitate each of its 56,000 U.S. employees to beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19.

Hundreds of Boeing Co employees protested successful Washington authorities earlier this period after the institution told workers they must beryllium vaccinated.

Roughly 200 workers gathered successful protest outside of the company’s Renton and Everett locations conscionable days after the planemaker announced the new mandate, dozens of them brandishing signs reading, “coercion is not consent,” and “stop the mandate.”

Delta Air Lines is the lone large U.S. bearer that has chosen not to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for each its employees, though it does necessitate each caller U.S. employees to beryllium vaccinated, and that each unvaccinated Delta unit enrolled successful its wellness attraction plan pay a $200 monthly surcharge.

The company’s CEO Ed Bastian earlier this period said that much than 90 percent of the company’s workforce have been vaccinated against COVID-19 without enforcing President Joe Biden’s “divisive” vaccine mandate.

Biden has vigorously defended his vaccine mandates to effort to extremity the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, telling reporters at a information halfway successful the suburb of Elk Grove Village earlier this month, “We cognize determination is nary different mode to bushed the pandemic than to get the immense bulk of Americans vaccinated,” The Associated Press reported.

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