Award-Winning Teenage Rapper Shot to Death in Sweden

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Swedish rapper Einar poses for a photograph   connected  Nov. 8, 2019. (Jessica Gow/TT News Agency via AP)

Swedish rapper Einar poses for a photograph connected Nov. 8, 2019. (Jessica Gow/TT News Agency via AP)

STOCKHOLM—An award-winning 19-year-old Swedish rapper was changeable to decease successful confederate Stockholm successful an incidental that media reports connected Friday said was apt to beryllium gang-related.

The lawsuit has shocked the Swedish amusement satellite and highlighted what officials said was the urgent request to woody with increasing transgression pack enactment successful the Nordic country.

The rapper Einar was struck by respective bullets successful the Hammarby suburb southbound of cardinal Stockholm and died connected the spot precocious Thursday, constabulary spokesperson Ola Osterling told the Swedish quality bureau TT.

Police are looking for astatine slightest 2 suspects who allegedly changeable the rapper.

The motive of the shooting remains unclear but the Swedish paper Aftonbladet reported that the rapper had received respective threats recently. It said without providing details that Einar was changeable from point-blank scope “execution style.”

According to the Swedish nationalist broadcaster SVT, the rapper’s shooting was gang-related.

Ambulance and constabulary  Ambulance and constabulary basal astatine the country wherever Swedish rapper Einar was changeable to death, successful Hammarby Sjostad district, successful Stockholm, Sweden, aboriginal connected Oct. 22, 2021. (Christine Olsson/TT News Agency via AP)

Einar, whose existent sanction is Nils Gronberg, was calved successful Stockholm and roseate to fame astatine the property of 16 erstwhile his opus “Katten one trakten,” from his debut medium “Forsta klass” topped the Swedish charts successful 2019.

He was awarded with the opus of the twelvemonth grant successful 2019 and the newcomer of the twelvemonth grant a twelvemonth later. Einar’s songs person been downloaded hundreds of thousands times connected Spotify.

“I recognize that helium (Einar) meant a batch to galore young people,” Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told SVT. “This is of people tragic. It is simply a young beingness that has been extinguished.”

Christian Democratic enactment person Ebba Busch posted connected Twitter that if politicians don’t instrumentality work to woody with gang-related crime, “we can’t basal up for quality dignity oregon information successful the country.”

Center Party person Annie Loof said astir radical “have had capable of the senseless unit and privation to spot pack transgression fought.”

Swedish tabloid Expressen said that Einar’s songs often dealt with criminality and the rapper allegedly had beardown connections with section transgression gangs. He had been seen hanging retired and partying with pack members.

According to Expressen, Einar was owed to attest successful a transgression pack proceedings adjacent week but Swedish prosecutors had earlier said they didn’t expect him to amusement up successful court.

Sweden has seen a emergence successful organized transgression enactment successful the past fewer years and respective gang-related shootings person occurred successful Stockholm, Goteborg, and Malmo.

In July, 2 young children were accidentally changeable and injured by chartless criminals successful a suburb conscionable extracurricular Stockholm and successful August 3 radical were wounded successful a shooting successful the confederate metropolis of Kristianstad that was linked to pack criminality.

A study by the Swedish nationalist assembly for transgression prevention said earlier this twelvemonth that Sweden is the lone European state wherever fatal shootings person risen importantly since 2000, chiefly due to the fact that of the convulsive activities of organized transgression gangs.

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