‘Baby-Sitters Club’s Kyndra Sanchez Hopes For A ‘Heartwarming’ Reunion In Possible Season 3

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Exclusive Interview

November 2, 2021 12:30PM EDT

Kyndra Sanchez joined the formed of ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ play 2 arsenic the caller Dawn Schafer. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kyndra astir being portion of the ‘inclusive’ formed and her hopes for a play 3!

Kyndra Sanchez elevated the beloved quality of Dawn Schafer to caller heights successful the 2nd play of The Baby-Sitters Club. The young histrion took implicit the relation arsenic the caller Dawn and genuinely made it her own. Season 2 featured Dawn continuing to beryllium a large person to her pals and dabbling with the anticipation of a caller sister!

HollywoodLife got the accidental to talk EXCLUSIVELY with Kyndra astir becoming a portion of The Baby-Sitters Club family. She gushed that playing Dawn has been a “dream travel true” arsenic a Latina actress. Kyndra besides revealed what she’d similar to spot successful a imaginable play 3!

Kyndra SanchezKyndra Sanchez joined the formed of ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ play 2. (Photographer: Francis Hills)

In the finale episode, Stacey tells Dawn that she should go a therapist. Is that thing you tin spot Dawn doing successful the future?
Kyndra Sanchez: For sure. Dawn is simply a fantastic person afloat of omniscient words. She volition ever basal up for what’s close and scope retired to others who request immoderate words of kindness and sense. Dawn has a passionateness for helping others and that inspires maine truthful much. So a therapist perchance seems similar a bully choice.

Dawn gave a batch of her friends immoderate truly large proposal successful the finale. What’s thing you’ve learned from Dawn portion playing her?
Kyndra Sanchez: Dawn and I person galore similarities, 1 of them being that we attraction for others and emotion to help. Dawn has ever been determination for her friends and has a peculiar mode of speaking the insightful words her friends request to hear. One happening I learned from Dawn that I’ve ever followed but volition proceed connected is to ever springiness a helping manus to those successful need.

Dawn and Mary Anne’s dada shared a truly peculiar infinitesimal successful play 2. Do you deliberation she looks astatine him arsenic a begetter fig since she doesn’t spot her dada excessively often?
Kyndra Sanchez: Yes, definitely. Dawn doesn’t get to spot her dada arsenic often arsenic she wants to, and she misses him precise much. At first, Richard doesn’t onslaught her arsenic the astir free-going person, truthful this makes her hesitant connected gathering a connection. But aboriginal on, she realizes she has immoderate things successful communal with him. They past physique a transportation and Richard helps Dawn get done 1 of her challenges.

Would you similar to spot Dawn and Mary Anne surviving unneurotic with their parents full-time?
Kyndra Sanchez: Despite Mary Anne and Dawn’s differences, they volition ever person a sisterly bond. They are champion friends till the end! And adjacent though they had immoderate struggle successful play 2, they resolved it together, and their relationship lone grew stronger. So I would LOVE to spot them surviving unneurotic with their parents.

Baby-Sitters ClubDawn with Mary Anne successful play 2. (Netflix)

What would you similar to spot hap with Dawn successful play 3?
Kyndra Sanchez: I would emotion for Dawn’s dada and member to sojourn her. She mentions her dada a batch and however she misses him successful the books and the series, truthful it would beryllium truly heartwarming to spot them unneurotic again.

Is determination a peculiar publication storyline you’d similar to explore?
Kyndra Sanchez: The Ghost astatine Dawn’s House was 1 of my faves! I emotion fearfulness movies, truthful it would beryllium a batch of fun!

You were a caller formed subordinate successful play 2. How did it consciousness stepping into Dawn’s shoes and making this quality your own?
Kyndra Sanchez: It feels truthful fantastic being a portion of specified an inclusive amusement made by specified empowering women! And getting to play a quality truthful akin to myself and truthful inspiring is simply a imagination travel true. When I was increasing up, I didn’t person excessively galore radical connected surface that looked similar to look up to, truthful getting to play Dawn arsenic a Latina histrion means truthful overmuch to me. I anticipation I animate others to travel their bosom and dreams and to ne'er get discouraged. I anticipation to animate radical who look similar maine to cognize that if I tin bash it, truthful tin they.