Backlog of 25,000 Airport Complaints Requires 20-Month Wait: Canadian Transport Agency

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Passengers making national complaints implicit mediocre work astatine Canadian airports indispensable hold astir 2 years owed to lengthy backlogs, says a Canadian Transport Agency (CTA) official.

“At the infinitesimal our backlog is astir 25,000 complaints,” said Tom Oommen, manager wide of investigation and outreach astatine the Canadian Transportation Agency, arsenic archetypal reported by Blacklocks Reporter.

Oommen made the remarks successful a caller quality earlier the Commons transport committee, saying the complaints peaked implicit the summertime but person slowed again recently.

“Before the pandemic we were processing astir 5,000 complaints a year,” said Oommen. “Through efficiencies, we’ve managed to summation that to 15,000 complaints connected mean successful a year.”

Bloc Quebecois MP Jean-Denis Garon calculated the resulting hold times, saying, “If I americium the 25,000th successful the queue this means I would person to hold a twelvemonth and 8 months without getting an answer. Do you deliberation that’s reasonable?”

“There’s ever country to improve,” Oommen responded.

John Lawford, enforcement manager of the consumers’ radical Public Interest Advocacy Centre, told the transport committee the backlog was owed to “bad timing.”

“The Air Passenger Protection Regulations were proclaimed conscionable earlier Covid-19 successful the autumn of 2019. However, it has ever been the presumption of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre that the regulations were going to make a backlog,” helium said.

Part of CTA’s mandate is to analyse cases wherever radical person had their Air Passenger Protection Regulations violated. In 2019, fixed compensation rates were $400 for a three-hour formation delay, $900 for summons holders denied boarding and $2,100 for mislaid oregon damaged luggage, according to Blacklocks.

Conservative MP Lianne Rood told the committee of her idiosyncratic acquisition with the conditions astatine an unnamed Canadian airdrome implicit the summer.

“Three-quarters of the flights connected the committee were either cancelled oregon delayed,” Rood said.

“There was obscurity to sit, not a seat to beryllium recovered anyplace successful the airdrome terminal. People were laying connected the cement floor, sleeping connected the ground, with agelong lineups to get nutrient oregon drinks arsenic they were waiting for hours and hours,” she added.

​​Major Canadian airports made headlines this twelvemonth owed to their agelong hold times and formation delays. A recent survey recovered Toronto Pearson International Airport ranked among the lowest successful lawsuit restitution of each large North American airports for the 2nd twelvemonth running.

Some large airlines person blamed national pandemic question measures for the delays. Travellers to Canada nary longer request to usage the ArriveCan app to participate the state arsenic of Oct. 1, and COVID investigating requirements and each different restrictions person since been dropped.

David Wagner


David Wagner is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Winnipeg.