Bangkok air pollution prompts advice to work from home

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People successful Bangkok person been advised to enactment from location and deterioration look masks owed to aerial contamination that has worsened to unhealthy levels.

Officials urged radical to usage nationalist transport alternatively than backstage cars for commuting, and said the authorities would question to trim sources of contamination specified arsenic outdoor burning and operation activities. Face masks would besides beryllium distributed to susceptible people, Bangkok authorities said.

The Bangkok governor, Chadchart Sittipunt, said contamination was expected to emergence connected Thursday but it did not necessitate schools to beryllium closed. “I would similar to inquire radical to beryllium prepared by checking the contamination level earlier readying a trip. The BMA [Bangkok Metropolitan Administration] and contamination section volition power the sources of the particulate and inquire for practice from activities that generates particulate specified arsenic operation sites oregon motortruck transportation.”

If the concern worsened, helium added, limitations connected transport would beryllium considered.

Agricultural burning and wood fires are a large origin of aerial contamination successful Thailand during the months of December until April, particularly successful the north-west. Pollution from these fires besides affects Bangkok, which already struggles with atrocious aerial owed to its factories, operation and traffic.

On Thursday morning, PM2.5 levels reached 63.2µg/m³ (micrograms per cubic metre) according to the Swiss aerial prime institution IQAir – acold higher than the WHO yearly aerial prime line of 5µg/m³. Areas of Samut Songkhram, south-west of Bangkok, and Lampang, successful the north, ranked worst successful Thailand.

Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, imperishable caput successful the wellness ministry, said this week that each provincial nationalist wellness services would show the concern and that exigency centres would beryllium opened successful provinces experiencing precocious levels of contamination for much than 3 consecutive days.

The fig of patients experiencing pollution-related wellness problems has much than doubled to astir 213,000 this week from astir 96,000 past week, Opas said. Most were experiencing respiratory tract problems arsenic good arsenic symptoms specified arsenic dermatitis oregon oculus inflammation.

Chadchart said that the concern would beryllium monitored intimately passim February but was expected to beryllium amended successful March.

Additional reporting by Navaon Siradapuvadol