BBC cancels Christmas Day ‘Top of the Pops’ after nearly 60 years

2 months ago 16

The BBC has canceled its iconic Christmas Day “Top of the Pops” show, a vacation tv mainstay successful England for adjacent to six decades.

The programme featured performances by homegrown philharmonic talents similar the Beatles, Elton John, and the Spice Girls and planetary stars similar Madonna, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey for 57 years.

It was canned owed to fiscal reasons, The Sun reported.

“Beeb bosses felt the outgo progressive successful creating a one-off amusement similar this were excessively precocious to justify,” a root told the outlet. “But it volition beryllium seen arsenic the bittersweet extremity of an epoch by millions of Brits who saw it arsenic a Christmas Day must-watch on with the Queen’s Speech.”

“Top of the Pops” began arsenic a play bid successful 1964, featuring the Rolling Stones arsenic its archetypal band. It debuted its archetypal Christmas peculiar connected Dec. 24 that year. The adjacent year, it ran connected Christmas Day. A vigor programme with the aforesaid sanction ran connected BBC

The bid was the longest-running play philharmonic amusement connected tv erstwhile it was taken disconnected the aerial successful 2006 amid faltering ratings.