Beauty hacks: can a cold cucumber give you glowing skin?

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The hack
Using frozen cucumber to trim acheronian circles, brighten tegument and combat blemishes.

The promise
Placing cucumber slices connected your eyes is an aged instrumentality to trim puffiness, but the newest craze involves rubbing ample hunks of frozen cucumber into your tegument to get the aforesaid results arsenic skincare and facial massagers.

The test
Looking astatine the cucumber, I can’t assistance but wonderment if it was destined for amended things – possibly a greenish foodstuff oregon a Pret salad. But the adjacent morning, post-cleansing, I’m wielding a thawing chunk of it. I determination successful circles, rubbing it astir my oculus area, past nether my cheekbones and jawline, the mode I massage my look each greeting (I usually usage a facial roller by Nurse Jamie). The acold feels invigorating and it’s surely depuffing, but immoderate chill compress tin assistance shrink humor vessels, which tin origin acheronian circles.

The verdict
The cucumber slime was refreshing – and it does contain immoderate vitamin C – but aft a week of replacing my roller and skincare with cucumber, I saw zero change. Such a discarded of a life. My tip: prevention the cucumber for snacking but bargain the concept. Pop a reusable gel disguise successful the freezer and reap the cooling, anti-puff rewards. It’s cheaper than buying 2 cucumbers each week – I did the sums.