Beauty hacks: can coffee grounds give you better skin?

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The hack
Using coffee grounds to marque a look scrub that gives you baby-soft tegument – and eco brownie points.

The promise
In theory, the grounds assistance dormant cells from the tegument to brighten it, portion the caffeine boosts the circulation. But does turning household discarded into a skin-blitzing scrub really work?

The test
The thought is that java grounds enactment arsenic a “mechanical” exfoliator to slough disconnected dormant tegument cells. But the downsides are multiple: 1) the grounds person jagged edges that can make micro tears successful the skin and origin irritation; 2) coffee grounds tin clog h2o pipes; and 3) it’s beyond messy. One look suggests mixing the java with honey (for its antibacterial properties) into a heavy exfoliating paste. I applied the gloop to my look and worked it in, which was harder than you’d think. My tegument was smoother but it besides felt ace dry. Another look called for adding earthy yoghurt (which contains a precise mild lactic acid), truthful aft a fewer days’ rest, I applied that to my tegument and massaged it in. Again, it felt smoother, but besides choky and red/furious.

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The verdict
Face scrubs person a definite teen nostalgia, granted, but prevention the java scrub for the thicker tegument connected your assemblage – the tegument connected our faces is mode excessively delicate. And beryllium definite to see your plumbing first.